8 Essential Factors that Affect the Range of Ebike


For many electric bike enthusiasts, they may be wondering: Why do my electric bikes always fail to reach the mileage marked by the manufacturer? Well, it’s actually not the manufacturer’s fault or gimmick in most of the cases.

There are actually quite a lot of factors that affect the range of ebikes. Just like a mobile phone with the same battery, the standby mode and the user mode will also cause an obvious difference in battery life. Going back to electric bikes, some riding habits or actions that we don’t pay attention to when riding will affect the cruising range of electric bikes’ batteries. This article will introduce in detail the various aspects that influence the true range of fat tire electric bikes for sale.

Battery Capacity

This is not hard to understand. As we introduced in our previous blog, the battery itself directly affects the range of your electric bike. The more powerful your battery is, the longer-range your electric bike could reach.

Furthermore, the number of times the battery is charged also affects the cruising range and is basically irreversible. Charging a battery forces the flow of ions from the cathode to the anode; using the battery reverses the flow. Over time, this process wears down the cathode, resulting in a lower capacity. In turn, it affects the maximum cruising range of electric bikes.


I don’t know if you have such an experience when driving: when your car is fully loaded and piled up with a lot of items, the fuel consumption will become very large. In fact, this is quite ordinary and the same goes for battery consumption. The heavier the rider, the more energy the motor needs from the battery supply, decreasing the possible range that the rider can travel.

The same goes for any other item we carry on an electric bike. This is why lighter electric bikes have an advantage over other heavier ebikes. At Magicycle, the new model Jaguarundi weighs only 76lbs and further increases the cruising range while it is equipped with a 52V high-power battery to ensure high battery life.


Climbing steep hills are hard and going downhill is easy; muddy roads are difficult, and asphalt roads are simple. At the same time, the battery percentage is also highly related to the scenario you are riding. A smooth, fast-rolling tarmac surface will allow a single rechargeable battery to travel farther than rough, soft, and rolling woodland or mountain roads. The terrain you’re driving on will also determine how often you use your brakes, which is more like an offset to the energy produced by the battery.

Frequency of starts and stops

Still taking driving a car as our example, frequent stops and starts consume a lot of energy as well as electric bikes. Unfortunately, it’s inevitable when you’re commuting in a busy city with ever-changing traffic lights. So when you’re about to start, shift into a lower gear and assist your ebike to get off the ground instead of turning to the highest assist level which consumes the most power. This may slow down your startup, but it can significantly boost your battery life.

Pedal-assist time

Without a motor and battery equipped with an electric bike, an electric bike is basically a regular bike. Based on our experience and feedback from Magicyclers, the higher the pedal assist level, the more power is consumed. Therefore, using a higher level of pedal-assist will reduce the mileage of the bike. When using lower pedal assist settings, you can get a longer range on a one-time charge. Due to the low battery consumption, you may be able to go further before you have to recharge. Some pedal-assist ebikes for adults display the mileage range on the screen, and some update this range based on the power level you choose. Each motor model and type will change, but on average, the highest level of power assist mode of Magicycle Cruiser Level 7 travels half as far as the most economical option Level 1.

Weather condition

Numerous weather conditions also play a key character in deciding the range of an ebike battery. Riding downwind or upwind can expand or reduce the range of your ebike. Ambient temperature also kicks in. So at low temperatures, the battery can only store a little energy, diminishing the distance you can travel. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, are horrible for batteries. You will get the best range in milder conditions. However, there are workarounds available. To keep your battery at a more constant temperature, use a designed, protected insulating case. Everyone who is noticing riding an electric bike in the cold will fall in love with this.

Tire pressure

Keeping your tires inflated is one of the most important cycling life tips that people sometimes forget (another is regularly oiling the chain). Low-pressure tires will drain your battery dramatically because now the motor has to work harder to maintain speed. To avoid slow speed and enhance tire life, remember to keep the tires at the appropriate pressure.

Extra electronic devices

It seems to be not avoided as the front light and rear light are mandatory for your safety especially riding at night. As a result, you have to accept the fact that some electronic devices may increase battery load and reduce cruising range.

In conclusion, achieving a perfect cruising range is not as easy a task as expected, and many strict conditions need to be met at the same time. Of course, you’d say that buying an extra battery is just fine. But as a battery is so expensive, we believe it is enough to pay attention to the regular maintenance of your electric bike.

Therefore, want to know how to maintain your electric bike? Stay tuned for our episode!

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