9 Tips for Choosing the Best Vehicle Transport Company Online


If you want to move your vehicle over a long distance, there are a few options that you can use. You can drive it by yourself, have someone drive for you, or you can use an auto transport company. When you choose to use a car mover company, you must pick the best company. It can turn out to be an overwhelming task since there are so many companies in the market that claim to offer the best services.

But before you commit to any company, conduct proper research on the company that you are thinking about before committing. In this post, you will get some tips that you can use when selecting a car moving company. Read on to find out.


You can start by looking at how many years the vehicle transport company has been on operations. So when doing a background check of a company, you can as well find out years of experience. Experience is what differentiates a vehicle moving company from others.


As much as it might be tempting to take a vehicle transport company offering the lowest price, it isn’t always the best option. Be cautious and consider all factors before you think to hire a car moving company because it is offering the lowest price online.

When picking a company that is within your budget, ensure that you read the fine print. Some car moving companies will claim to offer the lowest price, but in the real sense, they have printed some hidden costs in the fine print. The last thing that you need is surprises on the day of delivery.

Check Customer Review

When you are considering hiring a car moving company online, you need to visit their website and find out what the previous customers are saying about it. Don’t read reviews that are found on review sites as most of the sites are paid by car moving companies to post reviews.

Instead, use search engines such as Google, Bing, Yelp, and Yahoo to check a moving car company review. You can sort the companies starting with the bad rated moving companies and eliminate them. And also find out how they sort the issues that arise during the transporting process.

Consider Whether They Offer Open or Closed Transport

In the industry of car moving, there are two options available for transport. The first one is where they transport your vehicle in an open-air trailer, a popular and commonly used method. The second option is where they use a closed container to move your car. This method ensures that your vehicle is safe from any damages that might be caused by weather. It comes at an extra cost, and it is not necessary unless you are moving an expensive vehicle that requires special treatment.

Insurance Cover

Most likely, you will not take your chances and drive your car around when you know it is not insured. The same logic should apply when you are moving your vehicle. Ensure that you use a car moving company that offers insurance cover for your vehicle. A genuine and reliable moving company such as interstate car movers will not expose your vehicle at risk while transporting it.

Customer Services

You can make a call to an auto moving company to see whether they can deliver what they promise. A genuine and reliable car relocating company will answer your request fast and be willing to give answers to your questions on their transport process. If you experience excellent customer service, you can expect their services to be unique too.

Quality Guarantee

A company that offers quality services commit to their job. This is a general rule that applies across all industries, transport industry included. If you don’t want to stress yourself, look for a moving company that guarantees you a free-damage delivery of your car.

Do a Cost Analysis

When searching online, you will come across different car moving companies, which might make you confused about which one to pick. To select the best, you can check the benefits that you will gain when you do cost estimation.

Tracking system

Another thing that you should consider is whether a company has a tracking system in place. It will make it easy for you to track your car and know where it is at any given time.

When transporting your car from one place to another, it requires the best treatment. Selecting the best car moving company such as interstate car moveris the only assurance that your vehicle receives such treatment. They will ensure that your vehicle is transported and delivered safely with no incidents.

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