9 tips for taking a road trip


You’ve booked your flights and sorted your car’s journey to your destination with a1autotransport.com, and you’ve planned out all of the sightseeing stops you’re going to make along your road-tripping vacation, so now it’s time to find some tips and tricks for having the best possible time you can have while you travel.

We’ve been doing some scouring of the internet and have founded the best, tried and tested, road trip tips around from people who have learned the hard way! Check them all out below!

Get enough sleep before you drive

For safety and for your own comfort, getting enough hours of shut eye is essential for a good road trip. Make sure that you get to bed early enough and wake up feeling rested before embarking on long stints of driving.

Not only will enough sleep make you a safer driver, but you’ll also enjoy the trip much more if you’re not just wishing for your bed!

Eat and drink well

Even on the road, you should try your hardest to eat and drink healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. Before you go, you could pack up some healthy long-life snacks as well as ensuring you pick up fresh fruit and veg whenever you stop off. You should also carry a reusable water bottle to fill up whenever you have the chance.

Plan rest stops

Even when you’ve planned out all your sightseeing stops, you can forget about driving breaks. Planning these rest stops can help you to pick the best places to stop with good food options and it can mean the driving is evenly split between all drivers. Whether you are planning to travel to safe Caribbean islands or any other place, you must plan it well.

Download podcasts and audiobooks before you go

Making sure that all of your entertainment is downloaded before you go means you won’t be stuck using mobile data, or worse, in total silence as you head out on your journey. Though we also recommend making tons of playlists, breaking music up with some laughs or a few chapters from your favourite book can help stave off boredom on long stretches of driving.

Plan for must-sees and for extra time

Not everything is going to go to plan on this journey and you could end up stuck in a traffic jam meaning you have to pick between stops. Having a must-see list can help make this choice easier.

On the other hand, you may find you have actually planned too little and have some extra time to kill. Creating a list of stops you might like to make with any extra time you have can add some surprises to your road trip.

Carry cash

Always ensure you have cash with you. Wherever you go, there is the possibility that shops, or cafes may not take card payment, and this is especially likely if you’re heading somewhere remote. Making sure you have cash on you can save you if this happens.

Remember to carry cash safely and not leave yourself open to pickpockets, especially in tourist areas.

Get fuel whenever you stop

Even with planned rest and fuel stops, you may find that the place you stop doesn’t have any fuel or is closed, this is why it is important to get fuel each time you stop. It is better to be overprepared than underprepared!

Know how to fix your car

We’re not saying you need to know how to do anything excessive but making sure you know how to change a tyre and fix common car issues can mean the difference between being stranded and getting to see all you have planned.

Carry an emergency pack

This should include things like spare cash, a first aid kit, emergency numbers, a charging pack, extra non-perishable food, and blankets. Your emergency kit can really help you out if you get stranded and is an absolute must on a road trip.

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