A Guide for Finding the Best Jeep Lift Kit and LED Headlights for Highway Driving


Best Jeep Lift Kit and LED Factory Mart Jeep LED Headlights

Does your jeep need a lift kit? This guide explores how to find the best Jeep Lift Kit for highway driving.

The obsession with Jeeps is real and is now high than ever! The sale of Jeep Wrangler increased by 70% last year. This obsession is set to grow even more in the future as better models continue to penetrate the market.  Same goes for Nissan frontier lift kits.

The popularity of jeeps can be credited to a long string of factors, the main one being that they are easily modifiable, giving Jeep lovers a chance to turn them into whatever they want.  No driver is complete without a dash camera. It is an irreplaceable device for every driver that allows timely recording of incidents within its field of view. If you are looking for a high quality jeep led headlights, you’re in the right place.

Does your Jeep need a lift kit? Read on this guide that explores how to find the best Jeep Lift Kit for highway driving.

1. Rough Country 60930 Suspension Kit

If you want to drive smoother but at the same time look mean on these streets, then the Rough country 60930 is the best jeep lift kit for you as it boasts 3.5 inches of ground clearance. Even though most high lift kits are best suited for off-road performance, this is designed in a way that it offers you a smooth and stable ride on both tarmacked and dirt roads.

It also gives you the superiority you yearn for, as 3.5 inches of ground clearance will leave you towering over the other cars. It’s also easy to install and includes a well-detailed manual.

2. True two 2.5 inch coil spacer

The true two spacer is in this selection of kits for all the right reasons. First, it has an affordable price tag. It then offers you a 2.5-inch ground clearance which takes your Jeep build to the next level and at the same time grants you a smooth, well-balanced ride.

It’s also made from a durable polyurethane material, which means that you don’t need to stress on replacement any time soon. It’s perfect for highway driving, but you can also take it to moderately harsh terrains. Even though it is relatively easy to install, it doesn’t come with a manual.

3. Teraflex Jeep Wrangler KJ4 Lift Kit

Teraflex is considered one of the best jeep lift kits for a Jeep Wrangler. It boasts a lift height of 2.5 inches, which is some proper ground clearance for highway driving. If you are a weekend warrior, this lift height is perfect for off-road excursions.

Being a product of one of the best jeep lift kit brands, this kit comes as a complete set of highly durable components. It is also inclusive of a free steering stabilizer.  You can certainly also Follow Toolstastico Blog for more great info.

4. Rubicon Express RE7143 Short Arm Lift Kit

Other than its impressive price tag, this lift kit also brings with it 3.5 inches of ground clearance. This means you get to fix those large tires that have been sitting in your garage and achieve the hardcore look you wanted on your Jeep. With it comes fewer yet practical components, which means less work during installation and high functionality on the road.

It also features modifiable upper control arms and fixed lower arms, making it perfect for your on-road experience. Nevertheless, it is not ideal for rough terrains.

5. Supreme Suspensions Wrangler Lift Kit

This is quite a simple yet functional set. It’s a stabilizer kit, hence designed to level your car as it brings with it a 2-inch lift for both the front and the rear.

Even though it’s a leveling kit, the 2-inch ground clearance you get still means that you can make your Jeep aesthetically pleasing by installing flashy tires and rims. It features adjustable carbon steel shackles and a transfer case drop. However, it is quite hard to install.

6. JKS 9904 1-1/4 Body Lift System

Another lift kit ideal for your regular commute is JKS 9904 11/4. It will elevate your Jeep to 1.25 inches allowing you more clearance to install bigger tires for an incredible looking ride.

Since it’s not too high, it gives you enough stability and at the same time enough elevation to see the road ahead. It also boasts of an easy bolt-on installation and a budget-friendly price.

7. The 2012-2015 Mopar Lift Kit

With only 2 inches of lift height, the last thing you need to worry about is the stability of your Jeep on tarmacked roads. Also, 2 inches means more clearance for tires of your dreams. This kit also features springs that tune to the weight of your Jeep, thereby resulting in even smoother rides.

You also don’t need to stress about the durability of this kit. The manufacturer joined hands with the renowned FOX racing to come up with aluminum coated shocks, hence you need not stress about fading.

8. Rough Country 907 4 Inch Lift Kit

The rough country is known of its top-notch products, and this lift kit is no exception. With 4 inches of lift height, this set allows you to have flashy, big tires installed, transforming your Jeep into a vehicle all motorists look at in awe. It’s easy to install, makes your Jeep on and off-road compatible, and offers excellent leveling.

9. Skyjacker TJ401BH Lift Pallet Kit

If you insist on going big, then the skyjacker lift kit is an excellent option to consider as it brings with it 4 inches of ground clearance. This means bigger tires and a superior looking beast on the highway. Everything comes boxed up, thus there are no chances of missing a component.

Additionally, it’s armed with a transfer case lowering kit, which means you can always adjust whenever needed. It’s perfect for off-road expeditions and has a moderate performance on tarmacked roads. Even though we cannot tag it as the best lift kit, it’s ideal if you are looking for a set with a high lift that can work both on and off-road.

Step by Step Instructions to Choose LED Lights for Your Jeep

While choosing the right LED lights for your Jeep, there are a few elements to consider, including:

Legitimate Restrictions – Most states necessitate that you have yellow or white headlights on your vehicle, so headlights in various tones may not be a possibility for you. A few states likewise limit what sort of extra lights you can add to your vehicle. Before you begin shopping, check with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Public Safety to perceive what the limitations are in your state. Ensure that any headlights or taillights you buy have a DOT/SAE affirmation. This certificate guarantees that your lights are road lawful with regards to splendor.

Cost – After you sort out which kinds of lights are legitimate in your state, choose the amount you need to spend. Setting a spending plan can assist you with reducing your decisions much further. On the off chance that you really wanted an expert to introduce your lights, ensure you factor in labor cost.

Material – Manufacturers utilize various materials to deliver the focal points for LED headlights. A few headlights have plastic focal points which can break effectively and aren’t very scratch-safe. Polycarbonate focal points are more solid and scratch-safe. Glass focal points offer the best. While they may cost more, they’ll last longer. You may visit LED Factory Mart to shop quality LED lights.

What To Consider While Shopping For Jeep Lift Kits

The above lift kits offer you a rough idea of what to look for. If none of them is a fit for you, then shop around with the following factors in mind

  • Where you drive
  • The lift size
  • The cost and your budget
  • Ease of installation
  • Kit components

Stand Out With The Best Jeep Lift Kit For Highway Driving

Lifting your Jeep is among the best modifications you can ever carry out on your four-wheeled beast! It not only makes it more stylish but also improves functionality. The good news is, besides the above, there is other best jeep lift kit for highway driving.

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