A Guide for the First Time Cowboy Hat Buyers

Finding the perfect cowboy hat might be difficult if you are planning to buy your first piece. Do I require felt? Or should I buy a straw hat? Can I choose a less expensive option? These are only a few of the factors to consider.

Straw cowboy hats are generally worn in warm weather due to their ability to dissipate heat. Formal occasions and cooler weather call for a felt hat. We know, with so many combinations of materials and styles on the market nowadays, it’s quite tough to choose the perfect one. This article will enable you to decide your mind.

Why are cowboy hats shaped in such a way?

Many people adore cowboy hats but have you ever wondered why they were built that way. Cowboys and ranchers, it turns out, must protect their eyes from blinding sunlight while riding horses. They also needed protection from the grime and dust caused by the cattle. The folded brim of the cowboy hat gives protection from the sun and rain.  When out on the trail or working outside every day, western-style hats prove to be very helpful.

But these hats are not simply for working cowboys. They are a part of American tradition that can be worn daily or to functions like country music concerts. You do not have to be a cowboy to flaunt a western hat. Just include one in your closet so that you can add a touch of western flair to your ensemble anytime you feel like it.

Cowboy hats go well with jeans, button-down shirts, boots, vests, and chaps. However, if you want to appear dashing while riding a horse, wear a cowboy hat.

Factors that will guide your purchase

When choosing a cowboy hat, there are numerous things to consider. The primary ones are as follows:

  • Comfort factor
  • The fit
  • Whether it matches your facial feature
  • Material (Straw, leather, or felt)
  • The extent of sun protection it provides
  • Cost factor
  • How trendy it makes you appear

Additionally, it is important to understand and choose cowboy hat styles appropriately for the occasion, season, or event.

Why should you purchase straw cowboy hats?

People say that you cannot get the perfect summer look without donning a straw cowboy hat that complements your style. If you really want to feel and look cool while reflecting an edgy and sophisticated aura, straw hats are an excellent choice!

Straw cowboy hats are airy and lightweight. They are perfect for summer riding because they do not absorb excessive heat from the sun.

If you’re looking for a hat to wear while riding your horse in the heat or if you work as a rancher or cowboy, straw hats are your best bet. Not only will they protect you from the heat, but they will also protect you from grit and wind.

Straw cowboy hats are typically less expensive than felt ones. They require significantly less upkeep than wool or leather hats. Their prices vary according to brand variation. When purchasing a straw one, be sure to inspect the number of Xs on it. It indicates the tightness of the weaving and the width of the reed—the more Xs, the more durable the hat will be. Thus, a 20X hat is more robust than a 5X hat.

When is the appropriate time for wearing a felt cowboy hat?

A straw hat is ideal for hot weather because it allows your head to breathe and keeps it cool. If the temperature is chilly, a felt cowboy hat will be more suitable.

In comparison to straw, hats made out of felt are significantly more durable and weigh slightly more on the head. While straw hats are more suited and comfier for the summers, felt cowboy hats are more appropriate for the cold seasons.

Inexpensive versus expensive cowboy hats

Some believe that you should spend a lot of money on a cowboy hat. Others say that any hat would suffice.

To begin with, if you want to get an original Western hat, check the tag to ensure it says “Made in the USA.” It is critical because many western hats are now made in Mexico or China.

Secondly, keep in mind how much you will be using your hat. If you’re purchasing it solely for an event or as part of a costume and intend to wear it only once after Halloween, spend no more than $10-$20 on just one. Cheap cowboy hats can do the job of keeping your head cool and shielding you from the sun. However, when it comes to quality, the choice is entirely yours.

If you want a hat that goes with everything, feels fantastic on your head all day, and is sure to last for years without tearing apart, we recommend investing in a high-quality piece.


We hope, by now, you have made up your mind and know what exactly you need. Just remember, a cowboy hat is a statement hat and can be a valuable addition to your closet.