A Risk of Distraction

Our habits have quickly changed as mobile platforms particularly mobile gaming has become much more popular in recent years – amongst those most popular the gambling genre has certainly been on the rise as mobile betting sites surge in popularity and online casinos are getting a much better representation, with many more advertising with new offers such as this Caesars Casino bonus code, the demographics for mobile gaming have been changing – but could this pose a huge risk of distraction for our new vehicles?

When looking at the newest offerings in terms of electric vehicles which are certainly set to be the future as many countries put measures in place to restrict the production of ICE cars and push further support for EV – we’ve seen how the entertainment consoles in the middle whilst primarily are used for the car information are certainly seeing change, users can already gain access to big streaming services such as Netflix for the downtime whilst charging away from home, but it may not be all that long before these niche uses change. Things like self-driving and autopilot have come a long way but there’s still plenty of room to grow this area, part of the issue comes that many people are still preoccupied with just their phones or these entertainment centres and if other platforms such as the previously mentioned popular gaming platforms are able to be used on these centre consoles it could compound the problem.

There are plenty of restrictions in place to try and prevent this – many won’t allow for certain apps or programs to be launched whilst the car is in motion for example which would push people to using their handheld device over the cars entertainment system itself, similarly the self-driving features in the more popular vehicles require you to constantly monitor what is happening for safety despite the few that have had approaches that ignore this it is likely something that will be monitored and enforced much more once the technology becomes used in a wider way. Whilst mobile use is still a huge problem whilst driving as a primary distraction, the consideration of what may be possible moving forward as our cars become ‘smarter’ must surely become a cause for moving forward.

Despite some of the drawbacks such as this one, it certainly is an exciting time for automotive technology as things are moving forward at a rapid pace – recent announcements from the likes of Tesla suggest higher capacity batteries are much closer than previously thought and the next few years could spell exciting changes as prices for EV’s begin to drop and adoption of them comes in much faster – if you are thinking about a change to electric now may be the perfect time to jump in where things aren’t too early, but whilst also being able to be part of the excitement of the changing and evolving tech before they become just another car, and just another thing that is common on the roads.