A Short Guide to Replacing Your ATV Tires

Summer is just about here, which means ATV riders are eager to break their vehicles out of winter hibernation and take to the trails. But before you go tearing around rough terrain, it’s wise to evaluate the state of your tires.

Often, when you put your ATV into seasonal storage, you don’t really consider the state of the vehicle. “That’s a problem for springtime,” you might say to yourself. Then, spring rolls around, and you’re so excited to rip around the great outdoors that you fail to spot-check for signs of defect and damage.

It’s a familiar story, one that almost always ends with a rider broken down in the middle of nowhere or – worse yet – crashed on the side of a trail. Don’t delay maintenance just because you’re eager to ride. In this post, let’s discuss how to replace your ATV tires.

When to Replace Your ATV Tires

How do you tell if your ATV tires need replacing? What are the differences between a perfectly functional set of tires and a hazardous set? Looking out for signs is equal parts art and science.

For starters, you should be able to feel and see whether tires need replacing. They look worn out and faded in colour. They show visible signs of weathering like dried, cracked treads. The treads are balding. Or the tires just don’t handle terrain like they used to, slipping out from underneath you as you round a corner.

You can also go by age, although tire mileage varies immensely according to the amount and type of usage, and the initial quality of the tires. Experts often give a large window for the functional life of ATV tires – anywhere from one to five years, though some go even longer.

Where to Find ATV Replacement Tires

If you’re lucky enough to live near a recreational vehicle dealer, your best bet is to call ahead and ask if they have your preferred tires in stock such as System 3. If you live far from a quad dealer or simply don’t want the hassle of leaving your home right now, you can also find ATV tires for sale online from a dealer and maintenance shop.

Choosing the Right Tire

What’s the right tire for your ATV? That largely depends on how you use the vehicle. Here are a few common types of ATV tires:

  • All-purpose tires, suitable for year-round use in average conditions
  • Mud tires, ideal for use in mud
  • Sand tires, suitable for use in sand
  • and Turf saving tires, which mitigate the destructive effects of ATV tires on your turf

If you mainly use your ATV in mild weather, go for the top choice above. If you primarily ride in mud or sand, choose one of the middle two. And if you mainly use your ATV on your property (and your partner keeps giving you guff about tearing up the grass), then choose the latter. If you can afford it, you may even consider stocking multiple types of tires.

Before you hit the trails this summer, ensure that your quad runs smoothly and safely. Inspect your tires for wear, and order the correct replacement ATV tires online.