A Short List of Impressive Racing Facts


Racing is the epitome of motor vehicles. While we may use cars, motorbikes, and other similar vehicles to transport goods and people, there’s not a single activity that stands out from the crowd quite like racing.

The adrenaline rush and the sound of impressive engineering come together to put on a spectacle that rarely gets surpassed in terms of entertainment value. Of course, we do not condone illegal street racing. But that doesn’t mean we won’t appreciate the good ol’ F1, MotoGP, NASCAR, or other racing events.

Most Notable Car Racing Facts

It Takes Four Seconds for an F1 Car To Go From 0 to 100 MPH and Back to 0

What can you do with four seconds of your time? Well, if you’re in an F1 race car, then you can have one of the most adrenaline-inducing experiences of your life. Going from 0 to 100 and back to 0 miles per hour is something that not even Lambos or Ferraris can pride themselves on.

Sure, fast braking is also possible on regular cars and on other types of vehicles as well. You won’t have that type of power out of the factory, but you can always purchase aftermarket upgrades. You can see more Trinity Racing brake kits to get a better idea of how this works.

They Weld Down Manhole Covers in Monaco Prior to an F1 Race

You can probably imagine the force of impact that an F1 car has if it hits something. However, the way the car is designed also presents another problem: when going at high speeds, the F1 race car ​​produces a huge amount of vacuum underneath its floor to keep it stuck to the ground.

Inherently, this vacuum attracts manhole covers and makes them come off if they’re not properly welded to the ground. Sadly, people figured this out a little late, as these manhole covers have done some damage in the past.

Racers Go Through Serious Training To Surpass the Limits

Racing cars go way faster than regular cars will ever hope to achieve. However, it is also quite difficult to handle a vehicle at those high speeds, hence why racing drivers need to go through serious training beforehand, even if they already have several years of regular driving experience.

What’s even more fascinating is that their cars can go even faster than they already do with the help of some aftermarket upgrades. Of course, we do not condone doing so on public roads.

Hot Wheels and Burning Heels

The friction between the rubber wheels and the pavement can get so high during a NASCAR event that, along with the lack of AC and the immense heat coming from the engine, can severely burn a driver’s feet. This is the main reason why NASCAR drivers protect their feet by using only certain footwear.

Bonus Facts: Horse Racing

It’s the Sport of Kings

For many years, horse racing has been widely known as the sport of kings. In 1605, King James I took a big interest in the sport, so much so that Parliament urged him to refocus on his duty as King.

The First American Horse Racetrack Debuts in 1665

It was in present-day Long Island that the first horse racetrack had its debut to the general public. You could say that horseracing has been popular in the US way before the country was even born. More than a century before it became independent, to be exact.

The British Absolutely Love It

Did you know that horse racing is the second most favorite sport to watch in the United Kingdom? It’s just shy of football (or soccer)’s popularity among Brits. If you ask us, we can thank horse racing for fewer football-related physically violent disputes.

Final Thoughts

What’s your take on racing? Did you like any of these facts and did you learn something new today? Let us know in the comment section below.

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