A Simple Guide to Buying an Air Bag Suspension Kit


Did you know that the country produced over 6.5 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases at the latest record?

Transportation is the worst contributor, being responsible for 29% of the gas produced. Many factors cause this, such as the vehicle’s fuel and how far it travels.

Its fuel economy is another factor, making it important that all vehicles have a smooth ride no matter what. This only becomes a problem when handling heavy loads or going off-road, which is why getting an air bag suspension kit is vital for your fuel economy.

Read what’s below to learn about the different types of suspension available for your vehicle. Learn what features they provide and what you should consider when shopping for one, too.

What Is an Air Ride Suspension Kit?

Air suspension kits help you convert coil suspension systems into air suspension. Most modern vehicles have coils by their rear end called leaf springs. When carrying heavy loads, the back end sags and pressures the springs.

It’s also the case for off-road vehicles. The bumpy ride compresses the springs, with the repeated expansion wearing it down. When these scenarios happen, you risk further damage from the permanent sag your vehicle gets.

Buying stronger springs is always an option, but it causes future rides to be more rigid. However, you won’t have that problem with an air suspension kit. Installing these in place of your old suspension system will yield noticeable changes.

These smooth out the vibrations and bounce felt by off-road vehicles on bumpy terrain. They also take out the harshness felt when going on a ride with a heavy payload. What’s great about these kits is that they don’t make the ride feel stiff like how strong springs do.

Types of Suspension

Two options are available when buying an air suspension kit. These have significant effects on your vehicle when installed. Knowing what’s ideal for you is the key to improving your vehicle’s performance.

2-Way System

A 2-way suspension system is what most people prefer because it’s easier to install. Users need to install only two valves for the system to function; one in front and one in the rear pair of tires.

These are enough to increase the height of a vehicle, which can improve its performance and speed on the straightways. However, this has difficulty dealing with curves. The system has trouble transferring air consistently between the two airbags because of its simplistic configuration.

As such, a 2-way configuration is ideal for scenarios where you don’t turn too often. Speed tests on straight roads often use cars with these configurations installed.

4-Way System

While more complicated to install, 4-way configurations are the more popular option in the market. They’re a modernized approach to the 2-way configuration, having more features and parts installed.

Each corner of a vehicle has an airbag in this configuration. It makes it easier for a vehicle to make turns since airbags need not transfer air to empty spaces anymore. Instead, it releases as much air as it needs before the system fills it up again. 

What’s great is that 4-way configurations are easier to adjust. You can adjust the pressure the airbags can hold and how much height it gives your vehicle. All this is thanks to the digital controller installed along with the system.

These allow for more delicate, manual adjustments to fit your needs when appropriate. You can go from an off-road setup with low PSI and increased height to a heavy-payload setup with high PSI and decreased weight in a few minutes. It’s the perfect configuration if you need to switch between street and motorsport suspension at a moment’s notice.

What to Consider When Buying a Suspension Kit

Now that you know what these suspension kits do, shopping for one is the next natural step. However, there are some things to consider first before getting one for yourself. Here’s what you should know before making your purchase.

Load Capacity

No two air suspension kits are the same. Most kits differ based on how much they can withstand before they become inefficient. Some can handle upwards of 5,000 lbs, while others can only lift 4,000.

Know the weight of your car before installing a system to avoid issues. Estimate how much weight it will handle with all seats filled in, too. If your vehicle often handles heavy loads, take those into account, as well.

Knowing the average weight of cars will help you with your research. These calculations will help you pick the optimal air suspension kit to install. Getting an inefficient one can wear it down faster or cause it to burst, damaging your vehicle.

Maximum Pressure

Suspension lift kits constantly push against your vehicle’s weight. The maximum pressure it exerts counts against your car as it pushes down on the air suspension system. If the pressure is too low, the system fails and will cause your vehicle to sag and drag.

Knowing how much pressure a suspension kit can apply will go a long way in sustaining your vehicle’s longevity. Again, this will depend on how much your automobile weighs. The average motorbike will only need around 25 PSI to function on the road safely.

Trucks and heavier models of cars may need kits with 80 PSI to withstand their weights. What’s great is that you can always adjust the system to match the PSI that your vehicle needs.

This makes it so that it’s better to buy a kit with high maximum pressure from the get-go. You can adjust the system to supply only 25 PSI or bump it up to 80 as needed this way. 

Get an Air Bag Suspension Kit Today

Ensure a smooth ride no matter how heavy the load for your vehicle is. Improve its performance and boost its capabilities with an air suspension kit. Get the right air bag suspension kit for your vehicle and install it today!

Are you eager to learn more about vehicle maintenance and management? Check out what else we have in store for you and learn something new now!

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