Affordable Car Insurance Is Possible: Easy Tips to Find the Lowest Quote


Finding affordable car insurance isn’t only possible – it’s really easy, too! Follow these tips to shopping around and negotiating to get the lowest quotes.

Car insurance is a pain for every vehicle owner, but it’s an unfortunate necessity. Whatever state you live in, there are minimum car insurance requirements you need to meet.

You don’t have to break the bank to get great coverage on your car. The competitive nature of insurance products means you can find cheap car insurance if you take a little time to do some research.

Use these handy tips to negotiate the most affordable car insurance you’ve ever seen!

Research Insurance Before You Buy a Car

You might have your heart set on a dream car, but the insurance could be sky-high. Research insurance costs before you buy a vehicle so that you’re not lumbered with excessive premiums.

Never Auto-Renew Your Insurance

Auto-renewals on your insurance don’t guarantee you a good price. The premium may rise and be taken automatically from your bank account.

Near the end of your policy, find out the following year’s quote and shop around to see if you can do better.

Affordable Car Insurance Doesn’t Always Mean the Cheapest

Very cheap car insurance might not provide you much coverage. Cheaper policies may not cover you for things like vehicle recovery and rental car replacements after a collision.

Look at the full package rather than the price alone. Consider how expensive it would be if you were in an accident: would the insurance cover you or could you end up broke because your cheap coverage wasn’t enough?

Use a Car Insurance Comparison Website

Visit a free car insurance comparison website to get an idea of what you should be paying for your vehicle insurance.

You don’t have to buy a policy when you get a quote: use it as a guideline for shopping around.

Speak to Insurance Providers Directly

Some insurance providers won’t be on comparison websites and only offer deals directly to customers. They can offer better discounts as they won’t be paying a commission to the comparison site.

Speaking to a customer service representative also allows you to negotiate immediately to get a better price.

Research Bundled Insurance Discounts

Do you have several cars in your household? Perhaps you need to find home insurance too.

Consider your other insurance requirements and find out if you can negotiate a bundled deal with a provider. This is a great way to get discounts on all (or some) of your insurance products.

Find a Car Dealership That Offers Used Car Insurance

Going to a car dealership for your insurance can mean you have some room to negotiate – especially if you’re buying the car from them, too.

Make sure the dealership has the backing of a recognized insurance provider such as the East Coast Insurance Group LLC. Run away from any dealership offering their own (unlicensed) insurance.

More Ways to Save on Car Ownership Costs

Affordable car insurance is only one step to making vehicle ownership a breeze instead of a budget-buster.

From knowing what time of year is the best to buy a car to keeping your running costs low, check out our other blogs. They’re full of hot tips to make sure you can afford a car and still have spare change for other hobbies!



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