AGM vs. Lithium Battery: What Are Their Differences


More and more battery types are being born in the industry. In that sense, you might get overwhelmed as to which is better for your RV. Do not worry! This is the goal of why we are writing this article for you.

We want to make sure that you will choose the best lithium RV battery or AGM battery. Well, of course, it depends upon your usage. And that is where we will start! We will determine the difference between the two battery types and which one suits your RV living.

So without further ado, let us check piece by piece the difference between a Lithium Battery and an AGM battery. Let’s go!

Lithium Battery and AGM Battery: An Overview

Let us define them first to be able to know their technical and fundamental differences.

Lithium Batteries

Lithium Batteries are the king of the depth of discharge and many other things. The Lithium batteries before are made with risk of combustion. Right now, it is innovated with added phosphate to offset those combusting capabilities.

So, now it is safer compared to its previous version. In addition, it is lightweight but quite expensive for some who are used with lead-acid batteries. But as time pass by, RV owners are seeing the benefit of investing in a Lithium battery.

On top of that, Lithium batteries have higher charging efficiency, up to 15 percent. Also, it weighs less than an AGM battery. Furthermore, users are in awe about how it can last longer than other batteries. It also discharges less compared to its competitions. And even though it is expensive, we can say that you save up due to less to no maintenance. And there is no threat of any repurchase in the future.

AGM Batteries

AGM batteries stand for absorbent glass mat. This technology elevates the battery power compare to lead-acid ones. In addition, this type of battery shields any possible leakage from the cell and makes sure that there will be lower resistance inside the actual storm. The result of this technology is a decrease in charging time and an increase in voltage output. Also, the thin glass creates a barrier in having any maintenance and negative impacts on the loads. Thus it ensures a longer life for the battery.

Here are the things that attract RV users in using an AGM type of battery:

  • AGM can be used as a starting battery. Usually, you can not use a Lithium battery as a starting one.
  • It also works better in the winter season.
  • Time already knows how capable this battery is.
  • You can wire the sin series.
  • It also cost lesser than Lithium
  • For amateurs, this is the best option to start up installing batteries in your RVs.

Here is a more detailed description of the difference between the two batteries.


It is pronounced that the Lithium battery cost mire as it is newly renovated compared to AGM batteries. Aside from the timeframe, the materials used in creating a Lithium battery cost more and affect the final price of the product. In addition, what we have observed is that the actual cost for the batteries differs. It is better to use Lithium batteries as it imposes lesser kilowatt [er jour per cycle.


As we have mentioned earlier, AGM is already tested by many experiences and a lot of decades. We can guarantee you that there will be nothing wrong if you choose an AGM over Lithium. The reason for that one is because AGM batteries can charge even at a freezing point. Unlike Lithium that is very sensitive to winter. In addition to weather, Lithium needs a lot of things and care to make sure you will regulate its temperature, which is quite an effort on your part.

Weight and Size

Technically, Lithium weighs less since it has a less lead-acid compound inside the battery. This is unlike the AGM battery that has the complete set of lead-acid inside. In this sense, Lithium is easier to carry and move at different positions compared to AGM.

For AGM, it might be too tricky to move fpm place to place due to its weight and size. If you prefer a more aesthetic approach in your RV, we suggest using Lithium instead of the AGM. AGM may be too much for your beautification project in the interiors of the RV.

Depth of Discharge

Knowing the depth of discharge percentage of your battery is essential to make sure that you can watch out for its health. Lithium batteries’ discharge rate is up to 80 to 90 percent before you need to recharge again. While for AGM, it is at 50 percent.

If you are an RV owner that only travels or uses the RV in a short time, AGM will work fine for you. But if you prefer more off-the-grid experiences, it will be better to choose Lithium batteries instead.


Both batteries are sealed. So they are both maintenance-free. And that is what most RV owners are looking for. No matter how expensive an item is, if it will save you that maintenance day, the price is just right. Just imagine if the savings that you can pile up for the maintenance. Again, it is still better to buy an expensive one that will surely keep all those maintenance headaches away from you.

In addition, it is like buying a phone. If you invest in a good quality phone, it can last up to 6 years to a decade. It is compared to purchasing a low-cost one that degrades its quality in just two years or less.


Knowing the difference between the two options is very important. This will determine your decisions in choosing the right one for your needs. Failing to do so will reflect in more repurchases and trial and error attempts, which is effortful.

We hope that this section has been a great help for you to differentiate the two ge=reat batteries out there in the market. If you have some suggestions based on experience, feel free to let us know. Join us as we create a happy and helpful community of fantastic RV users.

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