All You Need To Know About Transporting A Car State To State?


Are you moving to another state due to work, retirement, or education? If yes, you might be looking for the best way to transport your car from state to state. Most people can’t afford to drive their cars for four to five days across the states as they have bills to pay and errands to run, and taking a week off to drive their car to the desired destination won’t be a feasible option. Car transport companies help individuals to move their prized possessions from one place to another safely. Interstate Car Carriers provides vehicle transport from one place to another without any damages. Your car should be driveable, and you must check your battery and tires and test your emergency brake. The auto transport company will pick up your vehicle when it’s ready for shipment. Here are a few things you need to know about transporting a car from state to state.

Finding A Reliable Car Transport Company

The reliable car shipping companies will have a good rating online. You should ensure that the reviews are informative and tell you about the company’s bad and good. You can use the internet and other free online tools to search about reputed transporters in your locality. Irrespective of the company you choose, always make the following checks. 

  • The transporter must have all the necessary licenses and paperwork for interstate cargo transport. You can also visit the transport authority to verify the license. 
  • Check reviews and ratings of previous customers.
  • Request at least 3 car transporters for quotes and compare the deals.
  • It can be risky to hire the services of a car shipping company that is new in the field as you can’t check its credibility. 

Cost Of Transporting A Car To Another State

Several factors affect the price of transporting a car to another state. Typically the average cost of shipping a car is between $1000 -$1600. For heavier vehicles, the cost will go up slightly. If you ship your car during the off-season, you might get a better deal. Likewise, charges are relatively higher during peak seasons.

Factors that affect the cost of shipping a vehicle include:

  • Distance– Longer the distance, the more transportation costs will be due to increased fuel charges, labor charges, and tolls.
  • Size of the vehicle– The bigger and heavier a car is, the more will be its shipping cost.
  • Time of the year- As discussed before, you will have to spend more transport vehicles to another state if it is peak season. 
  • The type of vehicle– It is a major factor that influences the cost of transportation. If you are shipping a classic car, the transportation company might charge a higher price.

Your shipping company must cover your car while on transit. This will ensure that your car will be delivered without any damages. You should also ask the shipping company for their insurance details and understand what is covered by them and what is not. The insurance cover will be more for high-end vehicles. 

Open Air Transport Vs. Enclosed Transport

Typically car owners have the option of selecting between open air carriers and enclosed carriers. Open-air carriers are the popular choice of shipping cars over short distances as the cost is much cheaper. But those with expensive vehicles mostly use closed transport carriers as it protects the car from debris, dirt, bad weather, and minor dents. 

Preparing The Car For Interstate Transport

  • After finalizing a shipping company, you will be required to prepare the vehicle appropriately. Start by cleaning the car completely from inside and out. Next, dry and buff the car before taking photographs for your records.
  • Put a quarter of a tank of gas so that the shipping company can move the car without getting stalled. Less fuel in the car helps in reducing the payload on the truck.
  • Remove all kinds of personal belongings from the car as they are not covered under the shipping insurance plan. 

Hopefully, this article will help you choose a perfect shipping company and ensure that your vehicle reaches the desired destination safely. During delivery, the transporter will verify your ID and check your vehicle. Always do a complete inspection after the car reaches the desired destination. It is best to take some pictures at this time for your records. A professional shipping company ensures safe delivery and collection of the vehicles. They ensure that your car is fully insured from the moment they load to the moment they unload at the desired destination.

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