Are automatic car washes safe for your car?


Imagine a swift real-life GIF of your dirty car passing through and coming out lustrously clean from the other end of the tunnel wash with rotating brushes. We all love the result of the swift swirling rags soaked in a cleansing solution, rotating in continuous motion, working on a car’s exterior wash.

Professional car washes are of various types depending on the make and model of a car, its overall state of cleanliness and the estimated intensity of cleaning required. There are a few specific points to keep in mind with the automatic car wash technique. Your car wash has high importance in the service and maintenance checklist. Regular car servicing helps to retain its overall look and feel, preserve and add value to its resale price. While the risk of swirl marks and scratches remain even with detailed hand car wash, the way out of here is to know what can be done to protect the car’s paint appearance, factory coating and protective layer protection. An automatic car wash is undoubtedly the safest option for your complete car wash.

How safe is the automatic car wash approach?

Car washes are not meant to harm your car’s exterior but protect it instead. Automatic car wash is a professional approach to the process of cleaning your car off without causing damage to the original paintwork or the exterior body surface. Automatic car washes are entirely safe because, unlike the DIY approach where it is someone like us who washes the car using unprofessional tools and techniques, an automated process is a professional approach carried under trained-professionals and using specialised tools.

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Does automatic car wash remove wax?

Automatic car wash does not remove the existing wax coating of your vehicle. Not only do the newer models come with better topcoat, factory finish paintwork, but the washes are also modified for the paintwork’s better longevity. Both the traditional methods and the latest car cleaning technologies with softer brush bristles hold power to stick to the contaminants like grit and remove it thoroughly. Other types of wash include the touchless technique (or the “laser approach”), the less aggressive soft-cloth car wash and hand-washing methods.

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How do automatic car washes work?

With different categories and levels of wash based on various specifications, the primary types include Touchless Wash and the Cloth Wash approach. The automatic car wash follows the regular steps of cleaning that includes dirt removal, soaking, shampooing, rinsing off the cleaning solution, followed by complete drying of the surface.

The sole purpose of a car wash is to remove the dirt and debris, which would further affect the exterior coat and cause the metal’s corrosion, further developing rust and paint damage. Getting rid of the surface contaminants is the utmost priority rather than leaving it simply the way it is. But it should not be at the cost of a greater damage than the existing risk.

Is a DIY approach better than Professional Service?

The most common question with car enthusiasts approaching car wash service is whether to opt for a professional or a DIY method? Because of the demand to follow proper car-wash steps and the various challenges associated with the do-it-yourself car wash technique, it is not a recommended option. The primary challenge comes with the lack of expertise of the person undertaking the task. Car Wash is more than just shampooing the surface and spraying water over it. The standard approach applied for this process does not help in removing the minutest dirt or stain on the body and instead might cause damage to the paint or exterior.

How much does it cost to get an automatic car wash?

The car wash service price is usually in the range of AED 35 in the UAE.

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How long does an automatic car wash take?

Automatic car washes take an average of 25-30 mins to completion depending on the specific type and level of wash selected for the purpose.

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