Are Car and Bike Helmets the Same?

As you know helmets are manufactured to provide safety and protection to the head and neck while riding or biking. Right? Many people wrongly think that car and bike helmets are the same. There is a huge difference between car and bike helmets according to the helmet advisors.

Motorcycle helmets are designed for a single large impact, but car helmets are designed to endure many high-impact accidents. Helmets made for auto racing are also fire resistant when compared to motorbike helmets.

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Difference between Car Helmets and Bike Helmets

From a distance, car racing helmets resemble motorcycle helmets, but are they the same? No, the fact is that they differ greatly depending on their surroundings and intended usage.

So, let’s talk about the difference between car helmets and bike helmets;

Fire Rating

Fire testing is essential for car racing helmets. It is because the driver could become stuck inside a crashed car. Due to this, Nomex is used to make the internal textile of vehicle helmets which is a fire-resistant fabric. To keep fire flames out, the rubber cushion around the eye hole is also designed with helmets. They help to lock the glass against the helmet.

On the other side, motorcycle riders keep a safe distance from their vehicles. There have been incidents of motorcycles bursting into flames and their riders dying from fires. Thus, several kinds of nylons are used to coat the internal cushioning of motorcycle helmets.

Impact Absorption

There is a huge difference in the impacts when crashing a bike and pushing out in a car. A motorbike helmet must resist not only bumps but also friction from sliding. In a car, the head can strike the roof rack, handlebars, side window, or rooftop. So, the helmets should be different in both cases.

Provision of HANS Device

All SA-rated helmets must include screwed slots to support the HANS system. HANS means head and neck safety. To lessen the injuries to the head and neck, the device prevents the head from moving forward too quickly.

When the spinal/cranial joint is broken, it is known as a basilar skull fracture, and it can cause a quick death. It is comparable to being hung.

On the other hand, motorcycle riders would find the HANS device to be illogical because they sit on their bikes very differently than drivers of motor vehicles do.

Shape and Ventilation

Shape, airflow, aerodynamics, and loudness aren’t issues with car helmets. These are essential aspects for comfort and security because riders are exposed to high temperatures.

E.g., Motorcycle helmets have taller and larger eye ports, so more ventilation is required for convenience. Thus, aerodynamic shapes are used for balance, and to reduce the sound level.


After going through this article, you will come to know the answer are car and bike helmets the same? So, you must avoid riding while wearing a car racing helmet as helmetadviser aslo stated. As long as they are Snell-certified, some motorcycle helmets can be used for auto racing.

Also, you must avoid mixing both car and bike helmets. It is just like you wouldn’t put automobile engine oil in a motorbike engine. Same way, you can’t use car helmets instead of bike helmets.

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  1. Do you wear a helmet on your bike?

It has become common to wear a helmet on the bike. It has no side effects as it can be good and safe to protect your head and neck from injuries. You only have to select the right helmet for you.

  1. Is there a difference between a car and bike helmets?

While a motorcycle helmet and an auto racing helmet appear similar, there are distinct differences between them. They both are designed for different purposes with different features.

  1. What happens to a motorcycle helmet when you hit a car?

When a motorcycle helmet hits a car, it will absorb some of the impacts and shocks but it is not completely safe. After hitting the car, you must discard the helmet, according to the safety experts.