Are Wicker Plug In Rattan Pendant Lights Right for Your Home?


You love to tinker with your car, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to home repair projects you like to get hands on with those too, right? Adding new lighting, however, is a job that normally would best be left to the professionals. Don’t worry, though, that doesn’t mean you have to shake that urge to do things yourself!

There are lighting options available on Astro Lighting which are lightweight, fit with practically any home’s style, and are able to be quickly and easily installed, all on your own. Among the most popular in this category are wicker plug in rattan pendant lights, a very lightweight fiber which looks great that you can have up and ready in your home in just an hour or less!

Wait, Don’t Wicker and Rattan Mean the Same Thing?

That’s a common misconception, and you’ll often see the two terms incorrectly used interchangeably but they are distinctly different. Wicker is a style of weaving, while rattan is a common type of material. Therefore, a light can be both wicker and rattan, but a wicker light is not necessarily rattan.

Why Would I Want a Plug In Rattan Wicker Pendant Light?

We’ll start by addressing the practicality of these hanging light fixtures. Plug in pendant lighting is great for those of us who don’t want to deal with the hassle and cost of a professional electrician doing a hardwired installation, or when we live somewhere that making permanent changes to the home is not allowed. It also makes for quicker, cheaper replacing down the road if you decide you’d like to go in a different direction, or simply place the lights in a different spot.

For styling purposes, wicker rattan pendants are a terrific way to add a classic, country, even bohemian look to a room. The simplicity blends easily with other decorative styles, and instantly gives a beautiful, natural touch to anywhere they are placed. With most rattan pendants being dome or teardrop shapes, they are also known for providing a soft, easy illumination making them great for rooms where a more casual feel is desired.

How Do I Hang Rattan Plug In Pendant Lighting?

Since you won’t be hardwiring anything, these types of lighting fixtures will come with much longer hanging cords as well as guide hooks or clamps. The first step is to carefully decide on the location where you’d like the lamp to be spotted, as well as how far you’d like the fixture itself to hang down. Do your best to measure from this spot vertically to the ceiling, and then navigate across it, then down the wall to your socket. Ensure that your cord will be long enough for this specific placement.

You’ll want to place your guide hooks evenly throughout the length of the wire’s run, to keep it nice and snug against the wall and ceiling. If your light does not come with enough for you, they can be cheaply purchased at most any hardware store. How many exactly you’ll need is up to you, just ensure that you have enough to keep the wiring from sagging anywhere, as you certainly won’t want it getting in your way as you go about your daily life.

How Many Plug In Wicker Pendant Lights Do I Need?

This all comes down your own personal preferences and needs for the lights. If you’ll be requiring them to provide you with adequate lighting for certain tasks, like preparing food on your kitchen island, then you would likely want at least two. Larger islands, meaning up to 7 feet in length, could need up to three.

To keep your wicker pendants looking nice while still providing an even illumination, space them properly at a distance of about 30 inches apart. This measurement is based on a distance taken from bulb to bulb, not from one fixture edge to the other. For smaller pendants (say 8 inches or less in diameter), you can shorten this to 24 inches of separation.

You should now have all the information you’ll need to tackle this quick and easy home renovation project. With its tremendous versatility, ridiculously easy install, and cheap costs, it’ll be an update to your residence which you’ll treasure for a long time to come. If only they were all this easy!

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