Armored Cars in Cameroon

Armored cars in Cameroon are becoming an increasingly popular means of protection for a country’s government, military, and private citizens. The Cameroonian Armed Forces purchased Bastion BBM armored vehicles, which have since been transferred to the Rapid Intervention Battalion (RIB) to be used in operations against Boko Haram militants. Here’s a closer look at these vehicles and the advantages they provide.

Rolls Royce

The Rolls Royce armored car was a revolutionary military vehicle that helped the British thwart indigenous uprisings during World War I. First produced as an open-top model called the “Silver Ghost,” it went through several improvements that would eventually make it suitable for the military. In 1915, Rolls Royce armored cars were used by the Army and Royal Naval Air Service. They were fast, quiet, and powerful.

President Paul Biya has one of the safest and most luxurious presidential vehicles in the world. This stretched armored limousine, developed by German luxury tuner Klassen, is equipped with the highest levels of ballistic protection. The limo-like vehicle features a number plate and Kevlar tyres to keep the car moving when it’s shot. In addition to providing the president with a comfortable ride, the limo is also equipped with advanced anti-aircraft defense systems.

Harrow Security Vehicles

The market for armored vehicles is growing at a steady pace, thanks to rising defense budgets and high-tech sensors. In addition to armed convoys and VIP protection, the market for armored vehicles is also expanding into commercial applications such as rental services. The company’s latest addition is a light armored personnel carrier. Harrow Security Vehicles is expanding its armored car fleet throughout the African continent.

In January 2019, the UAE government signed an agreement to procure four Harrow Security Vehicles armored cars for the Cameroon military. The vehicles are equipped with an array of weapons and payloads, including an electronic warfare suite. The government intends to increase the number of vehicles on order. The new vehicles will be used in the ongoing battle against the Boko Haram insurgent group.

Inkas Armored

If you are looking for bulletproof or armored cars cameroon, then you’ve come to the right place. Protected vehicles from Inkas Armored are among the finest on the market, providing turnkey armoring solutions for a range of vehicles. In Africa, these cars are used to protect sensitive cargo, VIPs, and even the most valuable cargo, like cash in transit.

The need for armored vehicles is increasing steadily throughout Africa, particularly in the Middle East and North Africa. Recent cross-border tensions have increased in many African states. In particular, tensions have heightened in Sudan and Ethiopia. Other regions of the continent have seen similar tensions and unrest. With the rise of these types of vehicles, demand for these vehicles has also increased. For instance, Uganda has seen an upsurge in its use of these vehicles.

In addition to these vehicles, the Cameroonian government has purchased new armored trucks. The Cameroonian government purchased the vehicles after receiving funds from France’s Groupe OMP Solutions. As a result, over 70 percent of the new vehicles and equipment are now in Cameroon. There are more Cameroonian peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. Currently, there are over 1000 of them deployed in three towns in the CAR, including the capital Bangui.

Emirates Special Vehicles

The Cameroon army has taken delivery of the first of two consignments of military equipment, including eight Arquus Bastion armored personnel carriers and four-wheel-drive vehicles. These vehicles will be used in the operations against Boko Haram militants, a group that has resisted international intervention in the region. The Cameroon army has a number of threats to its security and stability, and it has received the latest armored vehicles from UAE-based company MSPV.

The UAE government recently announced that it would purchase four Mbombe 4 vehicles for the Cameroonian army for $2.7 million each. It is not clear exactly how the UAE will configure these vehicles, but they can be outfitted with a variety of weapons, cameras, and an electronic warfare suite. This is one of the reasons why these vehicles have been used so widely in the region.