Auto Body repairs: The Most Common Ones


If your car was damaged in a collision, weather damage, or another type of force, you are probably wondering if and in which cases it is possible to fix the car and return it to its original condition. Don’t worry, today’s advanced technology can solve severe car accident issues with great success. Provided that the intervention is performed as soon as possible, especially if the damage is more serious, so that corrosion does not occur quickly.

Skilled professionals from Auto body shop Saskatoon are experts in collision repair services, auto glass services, paintless dent repair, and SGI accident claims, that will get your car on the road back quickly.

You will be able to perform all services in one place, from damage assessment, communication with insurance companies, procurement of all necessary parts, sheet metal repairs, painting, and varnishing. Their auto body repair is equipped with the latest equipment and measuring devices operated by employees with many years of experience in auto body repair. This is a great option if you are looking for used auto body shop westlake village.

Types of auto body damage

Depending on the degree and type of damage to the vehicle, there are also different ways and types of car bodywork.

Light accidents such as parking damages usually occur when knocking in parking lots at low speeds, or during bad weather. These are minor dents in the door, hood, damage to the bumpers, fenders, etc., which can be repaired in several ways, and in most cases, no subsequent painting is required.

Medium accidents occur due to a collision with another vehicle, where there are more serious dents and damage, most often to the front or rear of the car. The hollowed-out sheet metal is corrected by extraction, by various methods, after which it may be necessary, depending on the degree of damage, to paint and varnish the damaged parts of the car bodywork.

Severe accidents, which occur due to severe collisions, include those in which the chassis or semi-chassis went out of the vehicle geometry, i.e. when the vehicle is no longer in factory measurements. Bent and deformed chassis can be restored to their original condition by stretching the vehicle with a template in various directions. After these repairs, it is usually necessary to paint and varnish the damaged bodywork.

These are all cases in which it is possible to fix the car after a breakdown.

Painless Body Repair (PDR)

This is the most modern method that has numerous advantages. It requires time, trained craftsmen, and special tools. Special tools reach even the most hidden places, and subsequent painting and varnishing are usually not necessary. This method is used in light accidents.

Collision repair services

Fixing collision issues is one of the most damaging types of auto body repair, requiring a level of finesse and technique of highly trained professionals. Finding reputable auto body shops St George is really important. Teaming up with a reputable body shop is important to ensure everything is fixed correctly and returned to the pre-accident condition. Repairs with an authorized service center dealing with high-quality and original spare parts guarantee the safety, comfort, and durability of your vehicle. Collision repair includes a wide range of services such as bumper replacement, body filler, car body painting, and window repair and replacement.

Auto glass services

Auto glass services include windshield replacement and window repair. Using original factory glass for all major car manufacturers is highly important, so the new glass on your vehicle will have all the characteristics of factory-fitted glass. The quality of the production of these glasses ensures their durability, excellent visibility, sound insulation, and, above all, safe protection for the driver and passengers. Maintaining your window functionality and quality is the top priority, whether it is repairing the window you already have or replacing it entirely.

When are new spare parts required for cars with damaged bodywork?

Your auto body professional should be skilled enough to be able to assess whether it is possible to correct and repair a deformed part or whether it is more cost-effective for you to replace it with a new one.

A good tinsmith should understand the control system, the adjustment of the gear, electricity, and mechanics. He must understand the structure of the vehicle, where the vehicles are strengthened, and where they are weakened, which is especially important for new car models.

When, in addition to repair, subsequent painting, plastering, and varnishing of damaged surfaces is required, check, in these cases, whether new car spare parts are more cost-effective which will save you time and money. If you are not sure about the quality of repair, and you want your beloved car to keep the old shine, it may be wiser to opt for the installation of new parts.

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