Automotive backplates: What you need to know


For perfect car marketing visualization, high-resolution automotive backplates, as well as HDR domes, are required. Combining 360degHDRI crowns with automotive backplates seamlessly integrates a 3D vehicle model into any automotive backplate. This allows you to produce marketing material at scale for a fraction of the cost of traditional photoshoots and eliminates all risks of travel and production.

What is an automotive backplate?

Backplates for automotive vehicles are images taken by photographers. Backplates can also be called backgrounds or plates. Most automotive backplates can be used in conjunction with matching hair or so-called hdr domes. This allows light information to be added to the 3D model of your car that is placed into the rear plate.

High-resolution automotive backplates are vital

Automotive backplates require high-quality data. Photographic backplates should be of high quality. They must also be photographed using a high-resolution camera to ensure the best quality data for post-production.

HDR domes: How they work

Domes serve as light information and are projected onto the 3D model of your car that has been placed in the automotive backplates. You can use the backplate images without the HDRI. However, a matching HDRI dome with similar light information or at least one with similar information is very beneficial for the rapid integration of a 3D model.

The best practices for car marketing visualization

It is best to have an extensive collection of photographic backplates and hdr domes in today’s fast-paced paid marketing world. This will allow you to save time and money while still maintaining the same quality. Marketing imagery can be produced faster due to the low cost. You can change the background image quickly or create new background images from multiple backplate images. A matching hdri is used to lighten the environment.


The automotive industry is transforming. It is now more focused on efficiency and environmental workflow. Automotive backplates and HDRI are a great way to save time, money and help reduce the impact on the environment. The final visual experience is precisely the same as the photoshoot. You can also show the car design features with 3D modelling or HDR lighting.

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