Automotive Windshield Damage Type: Crack Chip


In 2022, there were 66.1 million car sales throughout the world. After all this buying and driving, there are a lot of windshields that could use a fresh layer of protection.

Windshield damage varies from a tiny chip to a full-on crack. Of course, you’re more worried about cracks because they can spread if you don’t treat them immediately.

If you’re interested in learning more about automotive windshield damage-type crack chip and how to fix it, then keep reading.

What Is Crack Chip?

A crack chip is a type of windshield damage that often develops when a foreign object, such as a rock, strikes the windshield and creates a chip-like shape. The chip has often been described as looking like a tiny star in the glass.

The edges of the chip can be extremely sharp. Many people are mistakenly unaware of how dangerous these sharp edges can be.

It is essential to repair these chips as soon as possible as they can quickly develop into larger cracks.

Causes of Crack Chip

A crack chip can be the result of impacts such as a small stone struck on the windshield at high speed, a brief outburst of temperature, and more. When the impact occurs, it generates enough force to cause a spider web-shaped crack around the point of impact, which is where the chip is most visible.

A professional technician should assess this damage. They can determine the size, depth, and severity of the crack. The technician can then recommend the best repair option – be it a windshield replacement or a cracked chip repair.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of automotive windshield damage, such as a crack or chip, can be serious. A cracked windshield can be both dangerous and costly.

It can cause visibility issues by obstructing the driver’s vision. It can also lessen the structural integrity of the vehicle. This can lead to more expensive repairs in the future.

A rock chip can be small but can expand quickly in extreme hot and cold temperatures. So, if you notice any windshield damage, it is best to have it looked at and repaired quickly, as it can save money and time in the long run.

Repair Process

Minor cracks and chips can usually be repaired rather quickly and cost-effectively. Small holes are drilled at either end of the damage.

A vacuum is inserted to remove the broken glass, and resin is injected and cured. The cured resin bonds the broken glass back together and returns the front windshield to its original strength.

For larger chips, sometimes the entire windshield must be replaced for safety reasons. Fortunately, advancements in technology have allowed for this entire process to become much more efficient in recent years, making it easier for drivers to get back on the road safely and quickly.

The most common repair methods attempted by an auto glass repair service include the injection of a sealant polymer and the injection of a resin. Both of these processes have their potential drawbacks and require different techniques.

Learn More About Crack Chip Today

Windshield damage can be a serious safety issue, ranging from cracks and chips to larger pits. Taking timely action is critical to prevent further damage and potential injury.

Automotive windshield damage, including chips and cracks, should be inspected, addressed, and repaired promptly by a professional. Take action now and ensure your safety.

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