Benefits of a Custom Intake System

Are you searching for ways to make your car function efficiently? Several products are available in the market for modifying your car. One famous modification you can learn about is installing a custom car intake system.

Cold air intake is a popular topic among several car modifications. Installing a custom intake system is affordable and easy to complete compared to other aftermarket products.

How do Cold Intake Systems Work?

Your vehicle already has a pre-installed car intake system. However, depending on some situations: your car’s intake system can quickly get clogged. It works similarly when a person endures a cold, illness, or blocked sinuses. A car with a clogged car intake will not be able to function to its fullest potential.

Cold air intake is a viable solution to a car’s clogged intake system. When car owners install a Premium car intake system, they increase the service life of their car’s internal systems. Aside from that, a custom car intake system results in a sufficient vehicle you can use for various purposes. The other cold air intake system functions to remove the existing clogs inside your car’s built-in car intake system.

After installing a cold air intake, you must remove the air filter from your car’s engine compartment. A custom cold air intake will allow cold air to enter your engine for combustion. The cold air entering your car’s engine becomes denser with the addition of oxygen. As a result, your vehicle will not consume more fuel or electric power for its internal combustion.

You might be wondering: Will a car intake improve the performance of your car? The answer is yes. Installing a custom cold intake system will make it less prone to clogs. On top of that, it allows oxygen to make the air dense and makes way for efficient internal combustion. Your vehicle will also receive a constant air flow supply while running with its engine.

Installing a custom cold car intake system also enhances the overall horsepower of your car. You don’t even have to worry about fuel efficiency since it now relies on dense air for running its engine. Overall, a cold air intake improves your vehicle’s air supply to run smoothly.

Benefits of Installing a Custom Cold Air Intake System

Let us now discuss the benefits of installing a cold intake system. Adding a cold air intake system will make you notice several improvements when taking your car to the asphalt.

Unblock Air Intake Clogs

When you purchase a new car, it naturally comes with a built-in intake system. However, factory-made intake systems are in danger of clogs that block the air supply to your car’s engine. A custom cold air intake system removes the clogs interrupting your engine intake. As a result, your car engine will receive more air to function efficiently.

Increased Horsepower

Installing a custom intake system improves the airflow going inside your vehicle. Many manufacturers claim an increase of 5-20 Hp when driving your car at full throttle. While at full throttle, your vehicle, with its speed, sucks in more air with the help of a cold intake system. It will also decrease the overall temperature inside your vehicle’s engine compartment.

Fuel Efficiency

While a custom cold air intake supplies air flow inside your engine and permits more oxygen to join the air mixture, adding oxygen creates a denser air crucial for your car’s internal combustion processes. As a result, your vehicle won’t burn more fuel or use electric power to run its engine.

Reduce Engine Temperature

Like other products with complex mechanisms, your car engine components can get damaged when high temperatures occur inside its compartment. As a solution, installing a cold intake air system provides more air for cooling your engine compartment. It saves many components from damage while enhancing your car’s overall performance.


A car engine has a built-in air intake system that supplies sufficient airflow for combustion. However, clogs and damage can reduce the overall performance of your car. Installing a custom air intake system will allow more air to enter your car’s engine compartment. The airflow combined with oxygen will reduce temperature and supply dense air for your car’s combustion purposes. Your car will not burn more fuel and energy, resulting in increased efficiency.