Benefits Of A Remote Start


If you purchased a vehicle with a remote start option, or you’re considering getting an aftermarket remote start installed, you’ll thank yourself for years to come. Remote starts have numerous benefits and few to no drawbacks. So why should you get one?

Here are the seven benefits of a remote start.

A Warm Vehicle

We’ve all been there. You wake up in the morning and look out the window to discover a winter wonderland of snow and five degrees below with a windchill of negative two.

You get ready for work, eat your breakfast, and head out into the frigid landscape to start your car. Your car is like an ice block inside, but it finally warms up by the time you get to work.

The above scenario doesn’t have to be your fate. With a remote starter, you can start your car while sitting comfortably at the breakfast table. You can set your car heater to turn on, and while your car idles, the cab warms right along with the engine.

By the time you enter:

It’s nice and toasty for the whole way to work.

A Cool Vehicle 

Just as remote starting can warm your car up in the winter, it can be used to cool the cab down in the summer. If you live in an area that gets into the 90s and 100s, you know what it’s like to enter your car when it’s been sitting in the sun all day; it’s like walking into an oven.

With a remote starter, you can get the interior of your cab cooling down while you’re getting ready to enter it. By the time you need to pop the driver’s side door open, you’ll sit down in a cool, air-conditioned cab instead of a furnace.

A Safer Drive

During winter, ice and snow accumulate on your windshields, headlights, taillights, and side mirrors. Even when you scrape your windows, visibility can be reduced, and your lights might not work as efficiently.

When you remote starting, you give your vehicle time to warm up. As the car comes up in temperature, excess snow melts off of windshields, lights, and mirrors. This ensures maximum visibility for you, the driver, and lights that are in full working order.

A Better Engine

Vehicles are impacted by the ambient temperatures they’re in. If it’s freezing outside, the engine will startup, but the temperature will place a strain on it. Oil in the engine is thicker when cold, making it harder to move through the engine.

As it warms up, however, the oil can move freely, and your engine won’t labor as hard to run correctly. By remote starting your vehicle, you give your engine time to warm up before driving it down the road.

Bang for Your Buck

If you’re considering adding a remote starter onto your vehicle, you can already see how much you’d benefit. Warm winter rides, cool summer commutes, a safer drive, and a better engine are all part of what a remote start option can provide.

Which of these reasons is the most important to you?

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