Benefits of Buying Used Bikes Online


While buying a bike, the main factors that you should consider are the bike’s power, mileage, the intended looks, and usage. You will desire to create an impression when you zip through your city’s lanes. An important point that you might confuse you whether to buy a new or used one? Even if it does not seem a vital factor, it makes a lot of difference regarding the finances. When you plan to buy a used bike, there are some advantages to buy used bikes online instead of buying offline. The used bikes market is getting voluminous with time. In a country like India, where the demand for bikes is huge but people have limited buying capacity, used bikes naturally have good demand. From 2010-15, the two-wheeler market has witnessed an extraordinary growth (CAGR) of 17.9% in terms of revenues. FY 2019 witnessed a sale of 15 million two-wheelers in the used bikes domain.

Benefits of buying used cars online

According to report online motor place platforms are growing in leaps and bounds. Almost 59% of all inquiries and sales on Droom are related to two-wheelers in the used section. Some of the benefits of buying used cars online are as follows:

  • Buying second-hand bikes online can save a lot of time

Many people like to buy a bike online because it saves a lot of time. You will need a mobile phone or a computer and an internet connection. This way you shall save time because you do not have to walk into an offline shop and you do not have to wait for an attendant to show the available bikes.

  • Compare the price of old bikes for sale

Online platforms give the customers a wide range of options where you can compare the different old bikes offered for sale. This way you can find a bike model within the price range. You can get top deals on all bikes from various manufacturers.

  • Know about the bike specifications

Most online bike showrooms have a chart wherein you can look at the specifications including the bike model, make, and technical specifications. It will help you decide on the bike that you want. You can also ask questions to the customer sales representatives through direct message, live chat, or phone calls.

  • Low price

Bikes bought online are quite cheaper compared to the ones bought from offline stores. The reason is that bikes purchased online do not move many hands. It means the customers can save money.

  • Discount

Online bike retailers sell the same bike brands like an offline bike shop but offer the earlier year’s bike models at a discount. Buying used bikes at a discount can benefit bike buyers.

  • Avoid dealer fees

By selling the bikes to consumers online directly, the additional costs are forgone by the bike dealer. You can receive the best bike quality product at the best price. No one prefers hidden prices. In online stores, there are no hidden costs. You can get the most competitive rate. You can enjoy the same benefits just like when you shop from an offline bike dealer. Whether you need assistance to choose the right bike model, or looking for any kind of support, or looking for maintenance, you can enjoy all benefits if you shop online.

  • Free shipping

When you buy a bike online, you can enjoy the benefits of free shipping. Your bike shall arrive at your doorstep in great shape and 100% assembled. If you buy a large-sized bike online, you might expect additional shipping charges.

  • Excellent customer services

When you buy online, you can find an excellent customer support team that is available 24×7 to ensure that all your queries and doubts receive a complete and quick resolution. Regardless of your needs, we shall offer a better understanding of your problems. With different bike models, you shall have different options from which you can match your needs and choose the bike that is best for you.

Bike Dekho Droom Par

Buying a bike online is a simple and easy process. But it was not so easy before when the market was completely unorganized. If sellers were suppressed something, it was tough to fix. Now, with Droom, the market is organized and trustworthy. You can buy bikes from the comfort of your home. You can see OBV and Droom certifications. You can even make online payments through secured payment gateways. When you buy bikes online, you can test drive at your doorstep.

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