Best Air Compressors to Your Auto


Equipping yourself with one of the Best air compressors you can find means being prepared for the possible risks of tire deflation. Relatively practical, but extremely imposed on the products available in the market. This means that the choice of this equipment can often be problematic. In this article, we will give you four of the Best air compressors you can buy for reasonable prices.

Hyundai HC100L

Suitable for intensive work, this professional Hyundai compressor can perform many tasks thanks to its powerful 3 HP mono 9 B engine. In addition, it can generate suction power up to 380 liters / min. Faced with this, the machine can quickly tackle the most difficult tasks, whether it is maintenance, inflation or even painting.

Among the strong points of this product, there is the capacity of its tank which reaches 100 liters. This capacity allows the equipment to be compatible with tools that consume a lot of air. It can also supply several pneumatic equipment, including the sander, which already demonstrates its versatility in the field.


BRICOTOOLS is seen by many users as the best air compressor from this brand. Indeed, the company is recognized for the performance of all its products. This is confirmed on this model powered at 230 V which displays a suction capacity of 369 L / min and a return capacity of 290 L / min.

Capable of providing a sufficient reserve of air, the device is equipped with a tank with a capacity of 100 L. Given its technical characteristics, it can cover many tasks such as inflation. With a clean design, this machine benefits from a compact design which saves a lot of space during use and storage. To make it more practical, the device has two rear wheels with two front ones made of rubber.

Mecafer 425090

The Mecafer brand promises buyers that it is in their collection that they will find the best air compressors. A bet that seems successful on this model operating with a 2HP engine and a vertical tank of 50 Liters. Thanks to these characteristics, the device makes it possible to carry out common work such as painting, inflation or stapling. Its efficiency is also reflected in its maximum pressure of 10 bars.

In use, the device displays a rotational speed of 3600 rpm. Being supplied with a voltage of 230 V and an electric power of 1500 W, this equipment can suck up 230 L / min and restore 126 L / min. The oil-free 1-cylinder engine with which it is equipped allows this product to differentiate itself, since it requires no maintenance

Mercury 425702

Even if it is a cheap compressor, this model is selected in this ranking since it has a robust 2 HP motor. Benefiting from a lubricated design, it benefits from a good longevity. It works with a power of 1500 W. The 50 L tank with which it is provided allows it to generate the amount of air necessary for various works.

The performance of this material also lies in the choice of its components, namely the large intake filter, the design of the aluminum and cast iron cylinder. In addition, it is capable of providing an air flow of 135 L / min and offers a maximum pressure of 7 bars. In addition, this superior quality item has received CE certification, which demonstrates its reliability.

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