Best betting sites in india

Betting sites are quite new in the town. These sites offer you various captivating options. If you are fond of betting. We are here to help you. Betting in India has historic significance. Earlier betting was one of the most prominent activities. Hence later it led to some vicious accidents. Since a long time betting was prohibited. But if you are a sports lover you do not need to worry. There are many sites in the market that offer a sense of security along with awesome prizes.

Amazing betting sites in India

Bet on these sites is usually placed on sports. Over the past few years, these sites are ruling. It is widely consumed by loyal users. These sites provide tricky and amazing opportunities. Sports lovers play it with utmost dedication. With our friends we can recommend some trustworthy sites!

1. Betway

Betway is one of the most sought sites. This site has gained loyal consumers because of its attractive features. It is widely spread in India. This particular site has numerous betting games.

Everybody can benefit from it. As in this site, a bet can be placed on numerous sports.

2. Bet Online

Bet online is an absolute trusted site. There are many exciting prizes provided to the customers. Bet online is also considered safe. It is definitely worth it. You can access this application by your phone.

3. 10CRIC

Best betting sites in india 2

This one is a treat for cricket lovers .10 CRIC has managed to earn good feedback. It has really convenient features. If you are a cricket fan, give it a shot.

4. Unibet

Over 10 million people are using this app. This app provides a platform to bet on different sports. There are games like casinos, poker, chess etc. Unibet is Australia based. It is easily accessible.

5. Betfair

Betfair provides online betting and lives gambling. There are various sports to bet on.

Horse Racing is quite famous. It’s one of the old sites in the betting market. If you are looking for a flexible site. Go for it.


All you need is your smartphone. Your personal details are required to fill the form. Maximum this takes 5 minutes. Most of the sites make it easy for customers. Registration is essential to go ahead.

Earn money and stay home

It’s a good source of earning money. All you need to do is be home and use your brain. Because of such sites, many players have gained a lot of attention. It’s a good source of entertainment. People get on it and bet with known and unknown people. It mainly happens when there are sports events happening.


These kinds of sites ask for deposits. Some consumers fall for this trap. Despite the fact, some sites are ruling the gambling industry. There is a huge risk of online theft. These fraud sites are not verified. In such situations always cross-check and read the feedback. If you find something incorrect do not forget to report such a site.