Best Nissan SUVs of All Time


Some of the best automakers of the world have emerged from Japan such as Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. The Nissan Motor Company Limited was founded in 1933 and is currently working as an alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi. In 2014, it was regarded as the largest automobile manufacturer in North America. The success of Nissan lies in one of its key products, the SUVs. There is a range of SUVs under Nissan’s Product Line. 

Nissan Juke

Although discontinued, this car can be considered as one of the best crossover compact SUVs ever produced by Nissan. The car was initially launched in 2010 and managed to sell off quite well in the US and Europe for about 8 years after which it was discontinued to make way for the smaller SUVs such as Nissan Rogue. In the US alone, there were more than 220,000 sales. 

Juke came with a 1.6L Turbo Engine with a CVT Transmission. Drivetrain options included All-Wheel Drive and Front Wheel Drive. The seven-second sprint from 0 to 100 might be considered high but it was low when Juke was compared to other SUVs. With 188 horsepower, a great level of torque and acceleration was ensured. Many people enjoyed the fact that the car was quite responsive with its compact shape. The lower ground clearance made it much stable as well. 

The top Speed of Nissan Juke is 135 miles per hour while it averages the fuel economy at about 28 miles per gallon in the city and about 34 miles per gallon at the highways. If we talk about reliability, Juke got a score of 77 out of 100 for quality and reliability which makes it somewhat average on this aspect. We also saw a special edition for the Juke in the form of Juke NISMO that came with a 6-speed CVT Transmission. 

Nissan Kicks

What replaced Nissan Juke was the Nissan Kicks and is currently one of the favorite SUVs for many. Coming with the same 1.6L engine, it has a reduced weight which helps in giving away a better fuel economy at about 31 miles per gallon. There is an improved boot space so that you have all the essential luggage with you before you travel on a long trip. 

Few of the advanced technologies in this car such as seamless smart connections, hands-free, Nissan safety shield, driver’s headset, and the entire infotainment unit are a few of the coolest things about this SUV. There are other performance-related technologies as well such as speed-sensitive steering, hill start, active ride control, intelligent trace control, and intelligent braking system as well which also makes it one of the safest SUVs of all times. 

Nissan Rogue

If we talk about vehicles that offer a bigger space than Kicks and Juke, it would be the Nissan Rogue. It has a better engine as well at 2.5L with CVT transmission. Comparing it with Juke, it offers almost the same fuel average at 29 miles per gallon. The Rogue has an intelligent All-Wheel Drive support system along with an engine horsepower of 170. 

Planning on going to the hilly areas? The Nissan Rogue will be the best one which can provide comfortable seating for 5 passengers as well as a large space in the back. Several different features providing driver assist technology are also a part of this vehicle. Although initially the hybrid version was also offered but was later discontinued so you can get the gasoline version only. 

Nissan Murano

Elegance and Speed put together in one SUV and that is the Nissan Murano. Coming with a 3.5L V6 engine, it can be called one of the fastest production SUVs ever produced. This is made possible with the 260 horsepower and the 240lb/ft of torque that brings an excellent drivetrain to the users. Going from 0 to 60 will take only 7.3 seconds which is just fine for an SUV. 

It seems like the perfect luxury vehicle one could own.  Leather seats, dark wood accents, a smart infotainment system, and several other safety features have been incorporated into the car to give it the ultimate feel. What we found quite impressive about this car was that it offers a 28 miles per gallon of fuel average despite having a V6 engine. The starting price of Nissan Murano is $31,730.

Unlike other SUVs offered by Nissan, this one got a poor tow rating. The company has offered this SUV in 8 different colors so that you have the maximum choice to pick one. The interior of this SUV is outstanding with the zero gravity seats which would provide a comfortable experience to the users even on the long drives. 

Nissan Pathfinder

The one SUV that can go anywhere! With exceptional 4 x 4 capabilities and high-quality rough terrain tires, the Nissan Pathfinder is a car that offers a classy drive. There is a standard V6 engine that gives away 284 horsepower allowing the driver to drive on hilly and rugged areas in a seamless manner. A little bit of down compared to other Nissan SUVs is that this one has a fuel average of only 20 in the city and 27 on the highway. 

According to Nissan, the Pathfinder is an SUV that has the capability to tow about 6000 lbs. at a time. Moreover, it can fit up to 7 passengers at a time comfortably making it just the right choice for a medium family. The seats can be fully folded as well so that you can use ample cargo space for the luggage. Modern tech features such as Intelligent Cruise Control, Intelligent Automatic braking, Vehicle Dynamic Control, and others are also integrated into the SUV. 

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Nissan Armada

If we talk about the top-of-the-line and most expensive SUV of Nissan, it would be the Nissan Armada. This is one big intelligent beast that has 390 horsepower and 394 lb./ft of torque which keeps it exceptionally flying. The Nissan Armada comes with a 5.6L V8 engine and has rear or  All-wheel drive. With a towing capacity of 8500 lbs., it can even stretch out the bigger trucks with no problems. 

The Armada has a 7-speed transmission which would help you to get that torque out of the car. Off-roading isn’t a big problem for Armada because there is a 9-inch ground clearance that will protect the car from any kind of damage beneath. There are 7 color choices among which Super Black and Gun Metallic seem to be the best ones. 

The 8-seater car is perfect for a family who wants a comfortable riding experience for each passenger. Several modern tech features introduced in this car include the Intelligent Forward Collision Warning, Driver Assist, and others as well. The Armada has all-weather capabilities with features like traction control and hill assist that make it one of the safest choices for you to buy. It does cost a big sum of money at $47,000 but it really gives a worthwhile experience. 

Nissan Ariya

You might be confused on this one because you might have not heard about this one before. The Nissan Ariya has not been in the market yet, but it is expected as the upcoming SUV of Nissan which will feature some uniqueness compared to all other SUVs. The Nissan Ariya will come as a fully electric SUV which will have a single-speed automatic drive version only. Multiple packages are expected with each of them having differences in interior and tech factors. 

The Nissan Ariya is way cooler than you think! There is an option for the users for having the 19-inch aluminum wheels while the exterior of this car gives off a bold look. There are two infotainment screens expected in this car while the car space is also considered ideal since there is no need for a large space upfront to cover a whole engine.

If you are curious about the performance of this electric vehicle,  we can assure you that the batteries will be running for almost 300 miles on a single charge. This may vary from variant to variant as the Ariya can be sold in Front-wheel or all-wheel drive (this isn’t confirmed yet). To give it a sportier action, the Nissan e-4ORCE system from the Nissan GTR is also included in this SUV. 

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Nissan is one of those companies which is entirely focused on developing newer and technologically advanced vehicles for all. With some of the best SUVs ever produced by Nissan, we suggest you get your next SUV by Nissan and you won’t regret your choice. Make sure you consider all the facts and features in great detail prior to buying so that you have the car as per your precise requirements. Safe driving!

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