Best Starter for Honda Accord


If your engine won’t start, there are many possible mechanical and electrical issues. One possibility is a damaged starter. Learn more about how these components work before purchasing a new starter for 2013 Honda Accord.

What Is a Starter?

This small electric component is a motor that is required to start your Accord. It’s specifically designed to crank the engine by activating a solenoid that pushes the starter gear forward. This component takes a lot of battery power, but can quickly and reliably start your engine. The stored electricity used by car starters is quickly recharged with an alternator.

Signs of a Bad Starter

Just like any other component, your automotive starter may become damaged or worn out. Check out these signs and rule out other common issues before ordering the necessary components:

  • Clicking sounds when you start your vehicle
  • Your car won’t start
  • The lights will turn on, but the engine won’t
  • Your car is smoking when you start it

From new AutoZone batteries to a full starter replacement, there are many components that may need to be replaced or serviced if you experience one of these signs. Inspect your car battery, alternator, wiring, engine and other components before determining the issue is the starter.

How To Replace a Car Starter

The dimensions, bolt style and other features of starters vary, so always verify you’re replacing yours with the correct component. The brand doesn’t have the match, but the aftermarket part should be designed specifically for your year of Honda Accord.

Once you have your starter, it’s time to prepare your work area. Lift your Accord with a car jack and secure it with jack stands. Wear safety gear throughout the process and disconnect the negative cable from the battery before you start. Don’t touch the positive terminal while both cables are connected.

Locate the starter and remove the wiring. Make note of the wiring to replicate it with the new starter. The starter is held in with a few retaining bolts. Locate these and remove them before carefully removing the starter. There may also be a heat shield that must be removed and reused with the new starter.

Align the new starter and secure it firmly with the retaining bolts. It must be tight, but shouldn’t be overtightened. Replace the wiring and safely lower your car. Connect the negative battery cable and attempt to start your vehicle.

How To Find the Best Starter

Car starters have different torque requirements. Too large of a starter may be oversized for your automotive battery, while a small one may not be able to turn over your engine. There are also a number of bolt patterns and starter dimensions, so carefully search for the best starter that will fit your specific ride.

Compare Starters for Your Honda Accord

Explore your starter options online before making the right purchase. From OEM replacement parts to affordable aftermarket options, trust a leading online store to help you find the right starter for your DIY project. Match components based on the year of your Honda Accord and have them sent right to your garage.

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