Best Things to Watch or Play During Long Car Journeys


At some point, most of us have been stuck in the passenger seat, or in the back seat, with nothing to do apart from chatting nonsense to the driver or just staring aimlessly out the window as hedgerows and fields rush by.

However, with mobile devices now boasting incredible battery life, and being able to download and hold hours of video content, many car passengers are filling their journeys with more interesting entertainment than the dour offerings from modern radio stations.

Here are just some of the great series, shows, and streaming channels that will make a long journey rush by in the blink of an eye, and stop you from distracting the driver.

Classic Games Entertain in So Many Ways

While it’s always tempting to just delve into another Netflix binge or to read until you start to feel car sick, another option available is to get active with fingers and brains, especially if there’s a good internet connection around.

While many mobile games can be tricky to play in a moving vehicle, there are some classic games that lend themselves perfectly to such a setting, with the likes of chess, poker, and backgammon allowing players to take breaks from touching their screen, so they can wait for a tight bend to finish, or for a bumpy stretch of road to pass, before choosing how to act.

The market-leading companies for each of these online games provide easy-to-use apps and mobile sites that will have you up and running in no time.

What is also great about such games is that you can play along on one screen while also picking up tips from the pros via their live streams. Gaming brand ambassadors stream live on Twitch at all hours so you can always pick up on some new moves and secret tactics.

This means that no matter whether you’re traveling in daylight, or in the dark to beat the traffic, you can play and watch the game you love right up until the moment the driver parks and pulls the handbrake for the final time.

Classic Games Entertain in So Many Ways

Prepare Yourself By Downloading As Much As You Can Before Starting The Trip

If you know the route you are due to take is full of long tunnels, and your vehicle is not equipped with its own Wi-Fi, then it is best to plan ahead by downloading as many episodes of your favourite series as you can, or that movie you have been planning to watch for months.  Check out movierulz plz for great download options.

Just be aware that some streaming services are better for this than others, with HBO’s service being renowned for not allowing more than one or two downloads at a time.

Netflix is more reliable in this regard, allowing you to rack and stack those episodes and seasons. Just be careful not to overdo it with your screen time, with car sickness also affecting travelers who binge-watch shows. If you suffer from such an affliction then why not choose shows whose episodes are short and snappy, like Workin’ Moms or New Girl.

Games That Can Involve the Driver

While some drivers appreciate not being distracted, to scan the road for upcoming dangers or incoming bad weather, there are others who need constant attention to keep them alert at the wheel.

If your driver is one of the latter, then it can be good to find something that they can be involved in. Games and apps that serve this purpose without taking the driver’s eyes from the road are quizzes, which everyone in the car can take part in.

Some good ones that work well in a car are Psych! and SongPop 2, with you even able to compete against people in other cars in your road trip cavalcade.

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