Better, faster – how automated car photography is changing your business


Remember, you can only make a first impression once. No matter how much customers care about a vehicle’s technical specifications, they decide based on photos published online. An attractive, professional, realistic publicity photo can catch buyers’ attention, encourage them to learn more about the vehicle’s other features, and ultimately purchase.

How to do it? Use robot and AI.

The Car Scanner from Vumo is one of the most outstanding robots for automotive photography. This robot can create the complete set of images required to visually show a vehicle from various angles, including 360° interior and exterior views. The robotic arm takes 25 images to make a professional session of a car’s interior.

The set includes a circular track on which the robot moves around the car during the photo shoot. The track is designed for high mechanical resistance, so it can withstand the passage of more than 20,000 cars.

In addition, you can use the robot with a gimbal, which is also included. With its help, you will be able to achieve excellent stability when taking detail shots.

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Fast photo editing with AI

Even the most beautiful photos require enhancement. When photographing cars, important issues are, cropping the image, and setting the correct format before using your photo on a website. To accelerate the photo editing process, the Vumo team has developed a powerful AI-based tool called Vumography that will give you a high-quality picture even if you have no knowledge about photo editing.

Note that you can use Vumography with Car Scanner or separately to modify the photos you have taken without the robot’s help.

Vumography is a particularly effective solution for editing backgrounds. A background is crucial in any commercial photo, and it is especially important in photos of cars for sale. An inappropriate background can steal the attention of your potential clients or even make your car look unattractive.

Replacing a background with another image can be time-consuming, but AI handles the task perfectly. Vumography accurately removes backgrounds and replaces them with one chosen from a collection of realistic virtual showrooms, or develop your own with the Vumo team. The tool also allows you to add different background effects as needed.

Vumography will make your photos even more realistic by adjusting the perspective to the position of your car and adding shading and blurring in the right places.

Furthermore, the tool will place your logo on the car automatically and add more megapixels to upscale the image if needed.

Is the automation of car photography worth it?

Obviously, the major factor determining the need for a robot for car photography is the number of photos you need to take. For car dealers, such a robot can be an absolute must-have.

No matter how well-trained a professional car photographer is, taking photos requires time and a lot of equipment. For this reason, it can also be difficult to schedule an appointment with such a photographer. But, as we know, time is money.

Automation with AI is an effective way to get your photos faster.

Needless to say, the work of photo professionals also generates expenses. The more photos you need and the faster you want them, the more you will have to pay. The final cost will be even higher if you use photo editing. This also means that photo automation is essential for growing businesses. The faster you get the photos to the site, the quicker you make the transaction.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, appealing photos are more likely to attract potential customers and increase sales. Consistent, standardized, and professional-grade photos on your website will also make your business appear more trustworthy.

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