Blackjack Rules: The Most Important Options In The Game

In online casinos, blackjack comes in many different variations, each with one or more features. Therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game at the table in advance. Next, we describe the most important options evo casino live that go beyond the basic rules of blackjack.


If the dealer facing the card is an ace, there is a risk that you are in possession of blackjack and you will not be able to win this round. To reduce the risk of loss, you can protect the blackjack dealer from multiple tables. To do this, you need to make an additional bet, which puts you in the insurance category. If the dealer has a very good hand, your insurance pays 2: 1. So you get out of this round without losing. The calculation is as follows: Bet on 10 euros and adding another 10 euros to insurance. In the dealer’s blackjack, the € 10 standard bet goes to the pot.

Split hand

If you have pairs after the cards have been taken (for example, Queen Hearts and Queen Diamonds), you can split your hand. To do this, you first need to place a new bet on the value of your first bet. You will then receive a new card, and proceed with two new hands.

In most casinos, you can only split your hand if the first two cards are 9, 10, or 11.

Double your bet (Double)

Here you decide to repeat your bet and instead take another card (twice). This, of course, works best if you have 11. If you are given a 10-digit card, do it well. And of course, you also have the absolute risk that you will not be able to proceed in the event that you have the next unpopular card (for example, 2).

Betting on the hand of another player (Back betting)

If all the seats on the table are seated, you can bet on the hand of another blackjack participant in international casinos and online casinos. So, you are not participating in this game, but you still have a chance to win. But it should also be clear to you that when you bet, you depend on the luck and ability of the player you bet on netent games.

Reduction of losses due to premature failure (delivery)

If the dealer card is an ace or has up to 10 points, you can exit the game before taking another card. Again and again, you will usually be replaced with part of your original pole.

How many cards are in blackjack?

How many cards are in blackjack

The best online blackjack casinos offer many different options, so it’s hard to say exactly how many cards in each version. You should always know this in advance. You can find many important details in the relevant game menu.

When can I repeat my blackjack bet?

If you want to double your blackjack bet, you must comply with the relevant rules. Double betting is also known as “double bet” and is especially useful if you are 11 years old. Of course, you should always weigh the risk and make a decision.

How much do cards cost in blackjack?

As there are many ways to play, it is important that you become familiar with the different rules of blackjack and card validity. Because they change from version to version. However, basically I would say the prices are in range 1 to 11.


Now you know the structure of blackjack game tables in online casinos, you are familiar with the rules of blackjack and card prices. We also translate the most important English words for you. You learned to play blackjack at an early age and also learned to walk ready for experienced players. We hope you likes our simple guideline.