Bluetooth Speaker Systems: How to Add to UTV


Are you willing to make your ride more enjoyable by taking your music on your ride? Adding a Bluetooth speaker system to your UTV will help you stream music, listen to satellite radio and iTunes libraries and make your riding experience rocking.  All you need to make your ride exciting is a speaker system and an amplifier. In this article, we will explain how to install a Bluetooth speaker system for UTV.

Installing Bluetooth Speaker Systems to Your UTV

As far as it is to install Bluetooth sound system UTV, several options are available there, including the customized UTV sound system, audio pods, UTV marine speakers, soundbars, overhead speaker systems, etc. the audio pods and soundbars are for mounting fittings. To install them, you need to mount these speaker systems on handlebars and then plug them into your UTV through the 12 volts source. If you are going to use overhead speakers, UTV marine speakers, or customized UTV sound systems, then you have to focus on mounting every component precisely and wiring them properly.

Installing Speakers and Soundbars on Your UTV

To install speakers and soundbars, you will not require any specialized tools. Some tools that you will require are a screwdriver, Torx wrench, and Allen keys.

When you have these three tools, you can follow the step-by-step procedure discussed below to install soundbar systems or audio pods.

Speaker Pods Installation

  1. First of all, it is important to fix the orientation of the speaker’s mounting angle. The speaker pods consist of two side bolts. You will have to lose the bolts to fix them to the appropriate mounting angle and then again tighten them.
  2. Now, you have to hold the audio pod near the handlebar of your UTV. To make the audio pod stable, you have to tighten the bolts using the screwdriver to the clamp. For the second audio pod, the same procedure has to be repeated.
  3. To match the speaker pods with the audio bar, you can adjust its gain. Different models require different gain adjustments; therefore, you should read the installation menu.

Soundbar Installation

  1. In the case of soundbar installation, you have to unscrew and remove your UTV’s visor.
  2. For the installation of a soundbar, suitable rubber gaskets are essential. Now on a roll cage, you have to mount and attach the soundbar by tightening the clamp bolts using the screwdriver.
  3. You have to build a connection between the speakers and the soundbar using a 12 volts power source. You will require a harness cable to build this connection.
  4. By using cable ties, tighten all the cables so that there are no loose ends.
  5. You have to connect the speaker’s signal cables to the soundbar. Now you can listen to your favourite music while riding UTV.
  6. Lastly, you should put your UTV’s visor back in its place and then screw it tightly.

If you follow the above-mentioned instructions, you can easily install any audio pods and soundbars. Hopefully, now you can enjoy your rides on UTV with music.

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