BMW X1 vs X3: What Are the Differences?


BMW sells more than two million cars a year worldwide. That might sound like a lot, but it’s 400,000 fewer than last year. 2020 was not a good year for car sales and everyone lost sales except Volkswagen as they absorbed a bunch of market share from carmakers that shut down.

Among BMW’s tireless fleet of cars on the road, the X1 and X3 crossovers are two of the best-selling. But do you know the differences between the BMW X1 and X3?

This article will compare the BMW X1 vs X3 to help you decide which one is better for you! Read on to discover more!

The Size Difference Between the BMW X1 vs X3

The BMW X1 is a subcompact luxury SUV, while the BMW X3 is a compact luxury SUV. Both offer great handling, performance, and luxury features. However, there are some key differences.

The size difference is the most obvious, the X1 is about a foot shorter and several inches narrower than the X3. This makes the X1 more maneuverable and easier to park in tight spots.

The X3 has a more luxurious feel with its higher-quality materials and standard features. It also has more cargo space and is better suited for off-roading. So, depending on your needs, either the X1 or X3 could be the right BMW SUV for you.

The Price Difference

The 2019 BMW X1 has a starting price of $35,400 while the 2019 BMW X3 has a starting price of $40,750. The price difference of after sales like used BMW parts for the x1 and x3 are almost the same.

The Difference in Features

When it comes to features, the X1 offers a bit less than the X3. For instance, the X1 does not offer an optional third row of seating as the X3 does.

However, both vehicles come standard with all-wheel drive. When it comes to performance, the X1 and X3 are pretty evenly matched. Both vehicles come with a 1998 cubic capacity, DOHC, turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and boast impressive handling.

The X3 is available with a more powerful engine, which makes it the better choice for towing or off-roading. Both vehicles offer a comfortable ride and come with a variety of features.

The Gas Mileage Difference

The gas mileage difference between the BMW X1 and X3 is significant. The X1 gets an estimated 34 miles per gallon, while the X3 gets an estimated 28 miles per gallon.

This difference is due to the different engine sizes and weights of the two vehicles. The X3 is also a heavier vehicle, while the BMW X1 has a smaller engine size as well as a lighter weight.

These differences result in the X1 getting better gas mileage.

The Resale Value Difference

The resale value of a BMW X1 vs X3 is the BMW X1 is typically much higher than that of an X3. This is due to the X1’s smaller size and lower starting price and is also generally seen as a more stylish car, which helps it retain its value better.

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