Brake Pads for Towing – Everything You Need to Know


If you had visited a steep mountainside, you might have seen gravel runaway truck ramps for sure. Do you even know that it is expensive to be recovered from those? But the same thing won’t happen to you ever. After all, you will be taking additional protection, which would put a stop to your expense to be faced at that time. For that extra protection, you have to make a comprehensive research on the brake pads. It will include the price, its quality, and whether it is ready to fulfill the requirement or not.

However, apart from towing trucks, a car, the scooter also works on useful brake pads. Brake pads are one of the highly essential features which must be noticed while you are purchasing the vehicle. It helps in effectively applying the breaks when you have to stop the car immediately. However, it gets worn out with regular usage. Even though your vehicle has high-quality brake pads, it will demand a new one in some time. Thus, it is crucial to keep an alternate brake pad, which would help you in the time of emergency.

Hence, let’s go through the following post, which will let you know every important thing about the towing brake pads.

Essential Towing cases for Brake Pads

In the market, there are various towing brake pads available. Thus, while purchasing, it is necessary to have knowledge about its different situations when those towing pads should be considered. So, let’s grab some look at the different kinds of towing situations which are likely to be aroused.

Regular or Heavy Towing

At the time of regular or heavy towing, the thing that matters the most is heat resistance. With continued usage of the vehicle, especially at heavy towing, there are chances that the heat can be generated at a high rate. This usually happens in towing or track driving.

Occasional or Light Towing

Generally, what is considered in most of the vehicles to be safe is the OEM replacement level. Usually, this replacement keeps the driver safe at the situation of some mishappenings. However, this replacement can be found in some ceramic pads for better daily driving.

Brake Rotors in Towing

Usually, the owner doesn’t need to spend a lump sum amount while getting the best brake rotor for towing. If you are purchasing the brake rotor at a reasonable price from a reputed brand, the thing which is to be considered is its longevity. After all, the brake rotors will work for years if you treat them nicely and get the right brake pad for them. Let’s consider some of the situations where different kinds of brake rotors are to be considered the most.

In Regular and Heavy Towing

At the situation of regular or heavy towing, durable brake rotors are considered the most. The kind of brake rotors which should be well-thought-out are –

  • StopTech Slotted Rotors – This kind of rotor helps to prevent any type of pad glazing, improves the breaking performances of the pads, and even adjusts with the dispersal of the brake pads.

  • EBC Premium Rotors – These rotors usually have a dull look but are of durable quality, premium manufacturing and can withstand lots of pressure.

Occasional or Light Towing

At the situation of occasional or light towing, the user may use typical rotors. After all, there isn’t much pressure to be handled by the vehicle in the standard everyday roads.

The type of rotors which are considered in light towing are –

  • Power Stop Cross Drilled and Slotted Rotors – These are one of the best rotors to be used in heavy vehicles, such as trucks. After all, they are durable for a longer time and have satisfied thousands of customers in terms of their quality and price.

  • Centric Premium Rotors – This brand has offered premium quality products to the users at an affordable price. It comes with the feature of electroplating, which helps it to get protected against the corrosion.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should the brake pads be replaced?

This is one of the common questions which strikes in the mind of the vehicle owners. But there is nothing to think much about it as some of the vehicles come with an extraordinary feature. The feature is Wear Indicators. Usually, these indicators make noises that are audible enough, when there is any issue regarding the brake pads. However, some even have electric sensors. With these sensors, the drivers get alerted as soon as the warning light gets turned on.

Why are towing brake pads so costly?

Every vehicle’s brake pads undergo different procedures at the time of manufacturing. Usually, the cost of brake pads includes engineering and testing of the brake pads before launching it. Further, these pads should be of high quality, which adds more to its price.

Are the brake pads purchased separately, a copy of the original brake pads?

Well, this question is quite challenging to answer. Usually, car companies use different and unique materials in creating brake pads and doesn’t share its manufacturing procedure publicly. Thus, the manufacturers can’t launch an exact copy of the original brake pads in this market. Still, the pads offered by them work as long and durable as the original ones, even at the time of emergency.

How does the brake pads get worn out?

There is uneven wear out of the brake pads. This is usually because of the sticky calipers when its position gets stuck in one place, and the movement gets reduced. Apart from it, the poor bled, and brake fluid can also be equally responsible for it.


So, if you have a towing truck or willing to enter this business, the knowledge about the brake pads is quite necessary. The adequate knowledge about the brake pads for towing can let you defeat any kind of break failures even in the worst possible situations. So, what you waiting for? As you have gained the information, go ahead and help someone in indeed.

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