Building a Garage: Costs, Planning and Designing


Many people think that the sole purpose of a garage is to house the family car. But, as homes are getting bigger nowadays, the need for designing new garages which will accommodate more items is growing as well. Besides, building a garage is an excellent way to add more storage or even create your personal workspace for your DIY projects.

A typical garage shouldn’t be a very pricey construction project. However, we frequently aim to keep the costs to a minimum, and this in return may result in a finished garage whose appearance might clash with the house’s visuals. This article will offer useful tips on how to build your own garage in order to provide the maximum level of protection and security that your favorite vehicle deserves.

Think outside the box when planning – your garage can be more than just a parking space

The primary purpose of a garage is to safely secure your new car, motorbike, or any other vehicle you possess. But a well-built garage can offer so much more. It can be a space that functions as anything from storage to a working area or even a gym. This is why it’s crucial to carefully decide what you would use your garage for in the early stages of your garage project. What you use it for will affect the choice of size and shape of the design structure.

It’s important to remember that a practical, sturdy garage will increase your property value, too. This is why creating a multi-purpose area could prove to be an extra selling asset if you plan to move to another house in the future.

Will my garage cost too much?

A robust garage should keep your car and storage safe and protected from extreme weather conditions and can add up to the overall value of your home property. But the question is – what is the cost of building one from scratch?

The answer to this question can only depend on you and your family’s needs, and the budget you are willing to allot to the project. The cost of building a garage will vary considerably, depending on the design, size, and the building materials you opt for.

If what you need is a simple garage which only serves the purpose of providing security for your car, this probably won’t break your budget, as long as you are prepared and handy enough to put it together yourself.

However, if your aim is to build a custom garage construction from scratch, then you might face a notable difference in the sum, depending on the location, size, and functional features.

The true cost of your house garage depends on other factors, though. For example, it’s important to think about whether you will attach this additional space to your home, or perhaps build it as a detached facility on your land. Another thing to consider, as well, is whether you plan to add an extension on top of it, which will, of course, add to the total cost, and which materials you’d use.

Create a design that suits your needs and adds curb appeal

If you go with a DIY garage project, you should know that its design requires careful planning and a little bit of research. Here are some things worth paying attention to:


One of the most important things one should think about is to achieve balance with the size of the garage. It’s safe to say that not many people want to sacrifice their precious yard space for an enormous garage. In general, a single car garage should be somewhere between 12 feet wide and 20 feet deep at the very minimum. If you consider adding an extra storage area, start from there and keep adding to the length or width, depending on what works best on your premises.


Another important thing to do is to figure out whether you want a detached or a garage attached to your home. It is true that you will be able to save quite a bit in attaching it, but only if the roof or some other house elements don’t need extensive reworking for this option to work. Just think about the space you have at your disposal and what the function of your garage would be.


Your budget will decide about the materials used on the exterior of your house garage. Many people opt for bricks, as they are durable and give a warm and charming feeling. They cost a lot more than vinyl siding, though. Wood battens, on the other hand, are a very popular and DIY option. They are very convenient and easy to maintain since they can be stained or painted for protection and a nice appearance.

Add an extra dimension to your home with a carefully designed garage

It is a fact that nowadays almost every homeowner owns and drives a car. This is why most of them have a garage, or at least a carport, either detached or as a structure attached to the walls of their home. A properly-built garage will certainly increase the value of a property, as well as add more storage we always seem to need. Depending on the available space, and the layout of your house, there are some tips and design decisions to help you make the right choice in the process of constructing a garage. You would be surprised by how much a bit of time and energy spent on research may pay off. Your new garage could prove to be the best investment you’ve ever made!

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