Buying a Car on a Budget: How to get the Best Deal?

When buying a car, you must take into account all the costs associated with this purchase. In addition to the car price, costs related to maintenance, repairs, fuel, and also auto insurance are also to be included in the total budget.

It is therefore recommended to carefully analyze yours needs your income and your savings. The objective here is to choose the car that best suits your budget to find the best deal. There are different options offered when buying a car.

Check for the different financing options available

To buy a car, usually different types of financing are available with best car warranty at You can acquire your car on cash, i.e. you pay the full amount. It is only possible if you already have savings available to finance your car, which must be a fairly large sum in the case of a new car.

On the other hand, if you do not have enough funds available at the time of the purchase, you can take a loan, most often called an “auto loan”. The total amount or partial payment required to finance your car will be provided to you by a bank or a car financing company. Note that the amount of the car loan must be higher than the amount of your new car because additional costs will add during this process.

In a type of car financing, the car loan is provided to you against a fixed monthly installment. In this scenario, the car remains in the ownership of the financing entity. However, at the end of the contract, it is possible to acquire ownership of the car.

How to get the best deal

Your old car could help you save money when buying a new car. Old cars are purchased by dealers on the condition that you buy the new one from them. An expert will then inspect your car both inside and out to estimate the value, which is sometimes capped. This amount is then deducted from the price of the new car you buy from them.

Buying from a company dealer

A company car dealer such as mostly offers cars of a single manufacturer. He advises and offers many models on which it is possible to choose the options but also to test the desired car. It is also possible to negotiate the purchase price. In these cases, the discount is rather limited but you can make some savings on buying a new car.

However, buying a new car from a dealer still comes at a high purchase price, even with slight negotiation. It is, therefore, necessary to choose options according to your requirements.

Buying through a Car Agent

An agent is a person who sells cars or can help customers to buy the car they need and is usually associated with various car suppliers. He then offers these new cars at attractive discounts, because he negotiates their price. These discounts can be very higher, and for just a small commission, the car agent can negotiate the best deal for you.

These new cars offered by the agents come from different manufacturers, and they have different deals for their clients. Many dealers offer their services online.

The main problem when you use an agent to buy your new car is that you often cannot test the car before buying it. Likewise, the agents do not offer solutions to take back the old car without reducing the purchase price.

You should also pay attention to the manufacturer’s warranty when buying a new car from an agent. This guarantee begins on the date of registration of the car. Thus, if the car has already been registered for 6 months, you have already lost half a year of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Additional costs when buying a new car

In addition to the purchase price of a new car, additional costs must be added to the budget. So you have to consider costs attached to registration and insurance. For old cars, if the car is too polluting, you will have to pay a carbon emissions tax, which will increase the final price and therefore your budget.

Electric and hybrid cars can be interesting alternatives, and the government provides incentives for their purchase. However, these cars are still quite expensive to buy. It’s up to you to calculate the best car that is in your budget

Besides, new car insurance should be taken into account when calculating your budget. Indeed, it is advisable to take full coverage for your new car. You must therefore take out complete insurance, with guarantees for damage and also for the driver. It will increase the budget but ensures security for you and your car.

Finally, after purchasing your car, you will have to add some more costs, such as, registration, plates and the various accessories that you require for a new car.