Campervan Hire – Your Transport And Accommodation All In One!


Wherever you decide to travel with Van City RV you will be in one of our modern fully equipped European Motorhome/campervans.

Our Motorhome/campervan prices are all – inclusive. We take all the time you need to make sure you understand what you’re paying for – and how much more Van City RV gives you within that one easy to understand price.

The owners are deeply involved with the day to day operation, you will most likely have spoken with them on the phone, communicated by email, more often than not you will see them at the Airport or your Hotel introducing you to your Van City RV.

Don’t expect to stand in line waiting for your new Motorhome, we make a time and that’s when you can expect to start your campervan hire with Van City RV.

Our two berth and six berth Motorhomes all have automatic transmission, our four berths are all manual transmission.

All Van City RV campervans have showers, toilets, radios, cd’s, fridges, a safe for your valuables, tables & chairs, all living equipment and it’s all part of our low cost daily rates.

Join thousands of holidaymakers that are now demanding more from their campervan holidays.

Van City RV offer you that tantalizing taste of total freedom…so what are you waiting for!! And if you want to buy the most trusted jb caravan, click the link.

What’s So Good About Our Campervan Hire?

  • Competitive prices, oh yes!! We constantly monitor our costs so you can feel comfortable about getting a great deal.
  • No hidden costs, it’s all there in black & white.
  • Free Hotel or Airport pickup in Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga & Hamilton other areas by arrangement.
  • Modern European fleet with stylish interiors.
  • All our campervans are meticulously serviced and cleaned.
  • Quality linen, duvets and towels including, glasses, cutlery, outdoor table & chairs and a safe for your valuables included in our low rates.
  • All our campervans can be driven on a full standard car license and additional drivers are free.
  • Free unlimited km’s
  • Free toilet chemicals (start-up kit)
  • Free on road manual, maps and other helpful stuff including medical kit.
  • Rates include diesel road user tax.
  • Standard Insurance is included in our rates, additional insurance cover options are available to suit all different needs.
  • Free AA road side assist
  • Credit card fees are included in our prices
  • Special requests – no problem!

Campervan Hire – Your Transport And Accommodation All In One!

Where will you stay and how will you get there?

Van City RV has the perfect solution for you – a campervan with your transport and accommodation all in one.

All you need is a park each night!

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