Can Electric Cars Replace the Gas Guzzlers


The arrival of electric cars made it look like to escape the dependence on fossil fuels. People switched to electric cars to save their money and to go green. Electric cars are an environmentally and friendly source of transportation. However, the higher cost and poor battery performance have stopped people to switch to electric cars. 

However, the question remains if electric cars will be able to replace gas guzzlers. Electric vehicles are having the potential to replace gasoline and diesel cars. But the success has not been guaranteed yet. Over time, electric cars have been able to grow their market share in the motor industry. It is their bold action to save the planet Earth.

Can Electric Cars Replace the Gas Guzzlers?

We have been using gasoline-powered cars for more than a century. It dates back to 1908 when Ford Motor Company began the mass production of the Model T. The automobile industry developed and evolved over the years as an efficient means of traveling to work, going shopping, or leisure trips. 

Also, it was understood by the inventors of the internal combustion engine that petroleum is having a large amount of energy that can carry a person and average 2,000 pounds of the car for 30 miles or more. Since then, the engineers have worked on the power methods to run a car. Firstly, gasoline-powered cars, hybrid cars, hybrid plug-in cars, and now we have just electric cars. When you hear about electric cars, your mind thinks of Tesla. 

Electric cars when first introduced in the motor industry had to struggle to survive. People were not aware of the technology. Also, they were not ready to accept electric cars because of the high purchasing price, high-cost maintenance, drive range, etc. Some technophobes were not ready to accept an electric car with artificial intelligence. On other hand, the major automakers resisted making electric cars. Now you see electric cars on roads of the United States and Europe. 

Why People Are Still Using Gas Guzzlers?

Can Electric Cars Replace the Gas Guzzlers

The gas-guzzlers take a lot of fuel to drive your car to certain miles. You have been spending $175 a month on gasoline. If you do the math, the gas guzzler is more expensive than an electric vehicle. It drains your pocket and by the end of the month, you might not be able to fill a gallon in your gas guzzler. Gas guzzlers with heavyweight, high power, and less aerodynamics consume more fuel than the average lightweight and more aerodynamics vehicles. 

For example, if a person owns a sports car, then he/she might not be using it for the daily commute or errands. They are designed for a limited amount of recreational use. It means you can take them on a formal or casual event but you cannot drive them to work daily. Firstly, it will consume a lot of fuel and secondly, you might be spending more on fuel than other things. 

Obstacles Faced by Electric Cars


The major obstacle faced by electric cars to replace the gas guzzlers is the cost. The upfront cost of an electric vehicle is more than the gas guzzler. For example, a Tesla’s basic model might be higher in cost than Toyota Camry but the technologies have been working on the cost reduction. It is to make electric vehicles competitive with gas guzzlers. 

When you buy a gas-guzzler vehicle, the value of the car reduces over time due to depreciation. You have to rotate or change the tires, change the engine oil after certain miles, visiting gas stations daily, etc. Those who have switched to electric vehicles are not spending their money to run their car and to maintain the value of their car. 

If you compare the maintenance and running cost of an electric vehicle with a gasoline-powered car, you will observe a huge difference. The government is working on tax deductions and credits for electric vehicle owners so that their costs reduce more than before. 

Battery Life

Another obstacle faced by electric vehicles is the battery and that is why people are not replacing their gas guzzlers with electric vehicles. Even the owners of electric vehicles are not satisfied with the battery life and range when they go on longer trips. To improve the battery technology, Tesla Motors and General Motors are working on it to provide their customers with a long battery range and life. 

For example, if you are having a Nissan Leaf, the full charge will allow you to travel 100 to 200 miles. It can vary on the usage of the air conditioner or heater. 100 to 200 miles seems practical when you only have to drive it to work and come back home. 

On the other hand, if you are taking it on a long trip, then you have to charge it halfway so that it can go further. While you charge it, it takes time like 30-45 minutes depending on the normal charge or fast-charging. 

The fast-charging units have been installed in every corner of the United States and Canada by General Motors and Tesla. But to install a home charging station costs thousands of dollars to buy and install it. This is the reason the electric vehicle’s battery is holding them back from their full potential. As a result, people take their SUVs, Sedans, Trucks, Crossovers, etc. on long trips. 

Long Life of Gas Guzzlers

Can Electric Cars Replace the Gas Guzzlers

The latest Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, Crossovers, etc. are having a road life of 10 to 20 years. You can use them as long as you want to until they reach their scrap period. For example, if 70 to 80 million gas guzzlers were produced in 2020, these vehicles will be on road for more than 10 years emitting harmful pollutants. 

According to General Motors’ electric vehicle plan, they will be producing 1 million electric vehicles a year. But it will happen by the mid of this decade. It means it will take around 5 to 7 years to see more electric vehicles on the road than gas guzzlers


Electric vehicles are not having the same dimensions as gas guzzlers. For example, talking about the comparison of a gasoline-powered Toyota Camry cannot be compared with Toyota Prius Hybrid. If the hybrid car is not stylish and good-looking, then here we are talking about electric vehicles. Most electric vehicles are like Chevrolet Bolt EV, Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona, etc. These electric vehicles are not as stylish and good-looking as they should be. 

Taking Tesla models into account then they are working on electric vehicles to make them cooler looking and stylish. Image-conscious consumers find it difficult to own hatchback electric vehicles. Especially, the younger drivers want to drive a car that matches their personality. Their mainstream car depicts their personality traits. However, electric vehicle manufacturers have to come up with more stylish and sex appeal cars. 

If the electric vehicle manufacturers can work on the style, design, and dimensions of the electric vehicle, then they will be able to replace the gas guzzlers. A Lamborghini or Ferrari owner will not switch to an electric vehicle unless it is having the same style, performance, and range. 

Electric Vehicles – Struggling to Replace Gas Guzzlers

When it comes to technology, people are not aware of the latest ones and they find it hard to switch to them. Also, the technophobes are hard to convince that the latest technology is best or economical for humans. Talking about electric vehicles, they were introduced to go green. Instead of using gas guzzlers and emitting harmful pollutants, you can simply switch to electric vehicles. 

However, electric vehicle manufacturers are working on technology to make them better for daily use. The battery life and range, charging time, reduced fast-charging station setup cost, performance, etc. are the factors hindering the replacement of gas guzzlers till now. 

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