Can You Modify the Car You Lease?

When leasing a car, you may have some modifications you want to do to make the vehicle more suitable to your needs. There are things that can be added to improve not only the look but the utility of the vehicle. The question is, can you modify your leased vehicle? If you can, are there limitations?

If you look for cheap car lease deals, you will likely find several good options. However, they may lack somethings that can be addressed by doing some changes or additions. Find out the extent of the possible alterations or new installations typically allowed by vehicle leasing companies.

Generally not allowed

Major modifications to the vehicle you lease are not allowed. If the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) prohibits it, it is something you can’t do with your leased vehicle. You cannot alter the plate number. You cannot change the colour of the automobile unless the necessary arrangements with the DVLA are made. Radical alterations are not only against most terms and conditions of lease agreements, but they are also illegal.

Changing the car’s engine and internal components are also not allowed. Doing this can be considered a crime. Nobody in their right mind would want to change the engine for an upgrade. Hence, attempts to do this kind of modification are most likely feloniously motivated.

Easily reversible changes

If there are changes that will be allowed, they are limited to those that can be reversed. A common example is the adding of window tints. The wheels may also be temporarily replaced. Additionally, you can slightly change the look of your leased vehicle by adding vinyl wraps. These superficial car decors can be peeled off later on without leaving any noticeable marks. You can also use Plasti Dip or rubberised coating for part of the car where vinyl wraps may not be suitable. They create a rubbery low-gloss finish some may find preferable over chrome or shiny surfaces. The rubberised coating, just like vinyl, can be easily removed. Moreover, you can change the lights on the car as long as the replacements you use comply with regulations. Be sure to keep the old lights, though, as you have to put them back in when it’s time to return the vehicle.

The installation of a roof rack may be allowed, but you have to verify this with the leasing company. Racks that are installed through clamps are most likely allowed since they are easy to undo and don’t leave noticeable traces. However, those that are screwed into the vehicle are unlikely to be permitted.

In summary, it is possible to do some modifications to the car you lease. However, these modifications should not be radical and must be reversible. You have to read the terms of the lease carefully to avoid problems. If you are unsure if the addition or change you want is allowed, be sure to contact the lessor. You can be charged for the removal or “restoration” of the vehicle even if the modification you make improves the vehicle visually or functionally.