Car Care 101: Take Detailing To The Next Level, And Save Money


Well-Maintained Vehicles Function Longer, And Better

You’d be surprised how much a little dust, grime, or wear can impact a vehicle’s functionality. A slim layer of dust doesn’t seem like much. However, over time, entropy sets in. More dust seeps into the cracks of a vehicle, and components can wear out. A car left to itself falls apart. If you want your vehicle to function at its best, it’s integral that you clean it regularly.

This article goes into more detail pertaining to reasons why such regular cleaning is fundamental. In a nutshell, you’re going to discover operational issues you wouldn’t otherwise, and you’re going to make it so components max out their operational life span. Plus, your vehicle will look better.

A vehicle that functions better and has greater visual appeal will retain more value longer, helping you extend the value of your automobile investment. Plus, it’s just nice to have a car that looks like it’s worth something. To that end, utilizing modern strategies and options in vehicular care represents a clearly beneficial strategy.

That which you spend in maintenance will be balanced out owing to value retention and malfunction reduction. When you don’t have to spend money repairing your vehicle, you can take care of it better and protect other assets in terms of financial security. With that in mind, following we’ll briefly explore a few new detailing and maintenance strategies to maximize vehicular potential.

1. Seat Covers, Window Shades, Sand And Dust Management

Not all technology is surprising. There are vacuums you can plug into the lighter socket of your vehicle. There are also some small USB options that might be used with a computer, or a particularly new vehicle. You can store a miniature vacuum in your vehicle and run it from the car’s battery. This can be integral in helping you reduce sand and dust in the carpet.

Sand and dust is very damaging to carpets. Fibers can be cut by sharp edges on grains of sand. As you enter and exit the vehicle, the sand is driven deeper into carpet fibers, steadily destroying it and eroding vehicular value. Powerful new vacuums are available cheaply that can be plugged into your lighter socket and clean house.

Next, put covers on all the seats to keep the sun from destroying leather or synthetic materials. Additionally, window shades help your interior stay clean. Also, be sure to wipe the dash surface and other areas that aren’t carpeted with a cleaning compound at intervals.

2. The Value Of Hand-Washing

The Value Of Hand-Washing

Hand-washing your vehicle is better than going through one of those tunnels for a few reasons. One, you can save money on soap and water at home. Two, you can purchase the latest waxing compounds in bulk and use them on your vehicle, giving you a better finish than drive-through options. Three, you can detail as you go. Four, it’s more fun.

3. Hydrophobic Car Treatment

Services exist today which can totally restore the paint job on your vehicle such that it looks just as spotless and new as it did when you bought it. What’s even more intriguing is that there are options out there right now which can keep your vehicle looking good longer, with fewer washings. New hydrophobic compounds exist that you can spray on your car.

If you’re unfamiliar with hydrophobic compounds, essentially, they make it so water is repulsed at a molecular, chemical level. Accordingly, much debris, dust, and contamination can ultimately be reduced, extending the lifespan of your vehicle. You can read more about hydrophobic coatings on this site:

A Superior, Cost-Saving Car In Terms Of Function And Longevity

Hydrophobic coatings, hand-washing, and interior detailing (including carpet care), represent straightforward, general ways you can max-out vehicular detailing. Doing so protects the value of your vehicular investment while simultaneously reducing repair costs. If you’re not in the habit, get it detailed, get a new coating, and get start washing your car once a week.

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