Car Care: 7 Car Maintenance Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer


For vehicle owners, proper vehicle maintenance will lead to longer serving years for your car or motorcycle. If your vehicle is well maintained, rest assured your car or motorcycle will be in mint condition and look shiny and brand new. It is always advisable for starters to read the owner’s manual for you to know your car’s periodic maintenance schedule. 

It is essential to always follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule as this will save you thousands of dollars in repairs in the long run. Also, by doing weekly or bi-weekly car inspections, you can check and replace worn out or damaged parts that can affect your car’s overall performance. Here are some car maintenance tips to help you with your needs.

Be Gentle During Your Break-in Period

It is always lovely to handle and drive your car every time you use it. During the break-in period, your car benefits if you run at slow speeds or as indicated in your car owner’s manual. It is also encouraged that you go gentle on the gas pedal during start-up and break-in. Racing your vehicle’s engine during these periods will add wear and tear to the engine.

During the break-in, it is not wise to let your car idle for long periods as this lessens your car’s life. Idling for extended periods will result in insufficient oil supply to the other parts of the engine. Also, avoid heavy loads to your car during the break-in process. 

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Always Check and Replace Your Air Filter 

The air filter is an integral part of your car. It prevents dirt and other foreign objects from entering your vehicle’s engine. A lot of vehicle problems and damages come from clogged or loose air filters. Also, a clogged or loose air filter can lessen your car’s optimum performance as the engine will not have the right amount of air needed for combustion.

It is vital for your car’s longevity to periodically check the unit’s air filter. As a general rule, your car’s air filter must be replaced every 12 months or after 12000 miles or roughly 20,000 kilometers. You can make a quick trip to your local mechanic to have your air filter replaced, or you can do it in the comfort of your garage.

Remember to Check and Change Your Fluids and Oil

The engine is the car’s heart, and the oil and fluids are its lifeblood. Remember that every car manufacturer builds engines differently, so it is crucial to follow the owner’s manual on what oil should be used to lubricate the engine. Oil lubricates the engine’s moving parts and keeps it at optimum condition while fluids keep parts like transmission and brakes moving.

With everyday driving, the engine oil burns off and leaves a thick sludge. This sludge can hinder the proper lubrication of your car’s engine. If this is left unattended, this can spell problems for your vehicle. Always be on the lookout for leaks as leaks will affect your car’s performance. Do monthly level checks on both oil and fluid.

Inspect the Pressure and Alignment of the Tires

The tires are also an essential part of your car and should not be neglected or ignored. Tires ensure the safety and comfort of your drive towards your destination. Car experts suggest that owners must check their tires’ alignment and pressure at least once a month. This monthly habit will keep you driving safe and comfortable.

Keeping your tires in the recommended pressure will ensure that you will lessen the accumulated wear and tear from everyday driving. Also, check the tires’ alignment as this affects your daily driving and your car’s suspension. Car owners can also try rotating the front and rear tires to balance each tire’s wear and tear.

Always Check Your Battery and Spark Plugs

The battery is responsible for your car’s electrical components. If you do not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere or an empty parking lot, then you must regularly check your car’s battery and spark plugs. In general, it is estimated that batteries only last 5-8 years, so if your battery is close to that timeframe, consider having it replaced.

The spark plug’s primary function is to ignite the fuel and air mixture. The Ignition creates an explosion that enables your engine to produce power. If you experience trouble in starting your engine, then you should probably check the spark plugs. Check for corrosion and heat damage. If these are present in your checks, then replace your spark plugs immediately.

Regularly Check Your Brakes

The brakes of your car only have one function, and that is making the car stop. A lot of road accidents are attributed to human error due to brake failure. To avoid and mitigate any chances of road accidents, you must regularly check your brake pads and brake fluids. Modern cars already have break indicators to let drivers know that they need to be replaced.

Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out

Let’s face it; no one wants to drive a dirty and stinky car. Maintaining the cleanliness of your car will also have a significant impact on you as an owner. Always remember that a clean car is a comfortable car. Regularly wash your car to protect it from the elements like road salt and dirt. These elements can significantly damage the paint of your car.


Keeping a well-maintained car is an investment in itself. If your car is kept in tip-top shape and excellent condition, you will not spend thousands of dollars on car repairs. Having a well-maintained car will give you pride in owning it and give you the much-needed peace of mind and confidence that your car will perform whenever you need it.

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