Car Maintenance 101: How To Keep Your Performance Exhaust System In Good Condition


Your car’s exhaust system may not be the first item that comes to mind regarding engine performance or personal safety, but it should be at or near the top of the consideration list. For your engine to function, it must burn gasoline and air. As a result, gasses are produced that must be expelled from the engine.

However, many of the gasses released can be harmful to the environment. Fortunately, you can mitigate its environmental impact by maintaining the condition of your exhaust system.

Are you unsure about how to go about it? Consider doing the things below to keep your performance exhaust system- or any exhaust system- in good condition.

Advantages Of A Performance Exhaust System

There are various advantages to putting a performance exhaust system in your vehicle. These advantages can be classified into two categories: purely for aesthetics and performance.

Many consumers contemplate the aesthetic benefits of a new exhaust system – the improvement in sound and appearance – but they fail to consider the advantages to their engine’s performance that a new exhaust system can provide. Fitting your car with a performance exhaust system will improve the aesthetics of your vehicle and make it run more effectively.

Improved Sound

An aggressive sounding exhaust will be produced by installing a high-performance exhaust system on your vehicle. You know, the one- deep and rumbling. The sound produced by your exhaust system will differ depending on which one you choose.

A performance exhaust system delivers a louder and more powerful sound than most stock exhaust systems. This rumbling sound is produced by employing pipes that are somewhat larger in diameter than the average stock type.

Improved Appearance

The exhaust system’s main purpose is to eliminate polluted air from the engine. Your car’s stock exhaust system will accomplish the task, but it won’t be pleasing to look at.

The installation of a performance exhaust system will enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle. An aftermarket exhaust system, whether made of aluminum, steel, or another material, will give your vehicle the sound and appearance of a race car.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Performance exhaust systems aid in the maintenance of appropriate air levels within the engine of your car. These appropriate levels, in turn, lessen the need for your machine to consume additional fuel, which is designed to account for the presence of polluted air.

After adding a high-performance exhaust system, some people have reported experiencing an increase in fuel efficiency of approximately 1-2 percent.

Tips For Maintaining The Exhaust System In Your Car

Many drivers are unaware of the exhaust system’s presence because it is located in an inconspicuous area. When delicate bits of steel face problems, the results are costly concerns that influence engine performance and pose a health risk due to hazardous gas release.

Check The Check Engine Light On Your Car

Whether you’re just a few blocks away from home or hundreds of miles away on the highway, you’ve almost certainly encountered the illumination of a check engine light and its attempt to hinder your plans. The automotive exhaust system is well-known for alerting drivers to the presence of a severe problem, and you shouldn’t disregard these warnings.

In the best-case scenario, the code is caused by an ineffective or loose gas cap, which is also the cheapest solution. Unfortunately, more expensive reasons can necessitate car repairs that are prohibitively expensive, such as repairs to the following:

  • A catalytic converter that has failed,
  • Oxygen sensors are not working properly,
  • Leaks in the exhaust system,
  • A faulty mass airflow sensor.

It is vital to get to the bottom of the alarm as soon as possible to avoid causing further harm to the car while driving. For example, you can typically get a free scan at your local auto parts store, or you can ask a trustworthy mechanic to use their scanner to diagnose your vehicle.

Replace Or Repair Any Damaged Components

For your exhaust system to function correctly, it requires many components. Although only some of these are genuinely part of the system itself, they are no less vital than the other’s incompatibility.

Exhaust hangers, for example, are required to secure the pipes to the underside of your vehicle, but they may be damaged quite easily if not properly maintained. When this occurs, the system sags, putting additional strain on the other components. For example, if you have snapped bolts or broken hangers, it‘s recommended that you replace them immediately.

For instance, if you live in Australia and are planning to replace old parts and systems in your car, you can contact Manta Performance Exhaust Shop Australia to find what you’re looking for.

Look For Any Leaks

Exhaust system components are subjected to high pressure, high temperatures, and a great deal of vibration. A variety of distinct leaks are likely to result from this situation.

The exhaust manifold is one of the first places where leaks are likely to occur. Although the manifold can crack, it is more likely for the gasket to begin to fail and leak due to the cracking.

Leaks can also happen at the intersections of your system’s various pipes, which are often sealed with gaskets. The pipes themselves can fail, as corrosion and rust eat away at them in a particular time frame. This is especially true in locations where road salting is widespread in the winter and in areas close to the seaside, where atmospheric salt can be an issue.


It’s impossible to ignore your car’s exhaust system. Pay attention to danger indications like strange noises or poor performance to avoid risking your safety and spending more money. When the components start to fail, it’s best to consult a qualified mechanic. Incorrectly addressing your exhaust systems’ problems may put you or your passengers in danger. Take care of your exhaust system to pass emissions tests and travel safely.



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