Car Maintenance Tips for Winter


When buying a car, we all want to maintain it at the very best, especially during the winter season. When winter sets in, the snow and freezing slush starts as we experience high temperatures nearly all day. This kind of weather condition is not the best for your vehicle, and without the proper care from Intown Auto Care, it can get damaged quickly.

How to maintain a car during the winter season is one of the many questions car owners get to ask. This should not worry you as with the few tips explained below; you can maintain your car during winter.  Get more details at

Check Your Tire Pressure Often

When temperatures fluctuate, the tire pressure changes and can damage tires, leading to poor driving control and lower gas mileage. Ensuring the recommended tire pressure matches your tire pressure is essential to maintain your car in good condition. If you are not sure about the recommended tire pressure, you can check your owner’s manual.

Sometimes tires might burst even when they have the right pressure. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have another set of tires, especially during the winter season. This will increase your safety when your tire bursts on slippery roads. 

Another recommendation for tires is changing them between summer and winter because this ensures they last long and are in good condition. Considering winter tires is also best if you do not want to keep on switching tires. Winter tires have new tread patterns and rubber compounds, making them quieter on dry roads and more effective on frozen stuff.

Manage Rust With Rinsing & Products

Ice and snow are hazardous, and not only when you are driving. The solvents usually on the road during unfavorable climates can destroy your car’s frame, body panels, and brake lines. You need to understand if you are going out for a drive during unpleasant weather and you know there are solvents on the road, ensure to rinse out the undercarriage of your car immediately. This can be done at your home with a garden hose or at a car wash; it does not matter as long as the chemicals and salt mixtures are washed away soon.

Prevention is always better. You can ensure premature rusting by installing an electronic rust prevention device. This device Is essential as it sends a small electric current through your car’s frame and at times with special coatings which prevent rusting.

Avoid Rolling Windows Down in Freezing Temperatures

When you roll your windows down, when it is freezing, it causes the water gathered in your window seals and the mechanical parts of the door to freeze. It is advisable before you attempt to roll the windows down, you wait not less than 30 minutes to avoid damaging your car, such as having leaky windows.

Replace the Wiper Blades When You See Snow

It is best to install the new windshield wipers for your safety purposes when it starts to flurry. You may experience an ice storm you were not expecting, or a passing semi-truck might splash mud and cinders on your car’s windshield, and you will need to be ready with your windshield wipers to wipe them off. You need to know without the wiper blades, it will be tough to get rid of the mud and cinders, making it hard for you to see where you are headed.

Take Your Car in for Winter Maintenance

To ensure your car is in its best condition, you will need to take it in for winter maintenance to check your antifreeze and get a flush and fill. You always have to ensure the brakes are in the best condition before you head out on winter roads for safety purposes. The professionals will also ensure to check your battery because, with the cold weather, existing old batteries might not be the best option..

Winterizing your car is crucial and should not be forgotten. Your car is a valuable asset and hence giving it special attention during the winter is vital. If you have not yet made your car winter-ready, ensure you do so as soon as possible. This should be a priority to ensure your safety and the safety of those you share with the roads. By following the above preparation and maintenance tips, you can be sure to save both cash and time.

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