Car Shipping – What are the Facts?

If you think that car shipping is simply a bunch of guys in trucks with cars on the back, this post should enlighten you a little. With knowledge comes power, and knowing how an industry functions, enables you to choose the right shipping partner for you and your vehicle.

Whether you are buying a new car or boat out of state, relocating, snowbirding south or your classic car needs to be at a show, knowing the facts about what to expect will help you choose a professional car shipping company.

Read on to learn the facts, and if you need a shipping estimate, Nationwide Auto Transportation has an easy to use Car Shipping Calculator

Shipping a New Car

When a new car needs to be delivered, it is transported by truck to the dealership or the buyer’s house. People are often surprised that cars must be transported by truck since they are meant to be driven, right? On the other hand, you don’t expect your brand new car to have thousands of miles on it when you buy it. The cost of shipping a new car is known as a destination charge, which customers pay along with the vehicle’s purchase price.

Car Shipping Time Estimates

The shipping company told you that your car will be picked up at a certain time and date, and it will be delivered between such and such time. Given the hundreds of variables that exist over a route of hundreds or thousands of miles, from traffic to bad weather, it is practically impossible to give exact times when it comes to car shipping. You will likely receive your pick-up or delivery time as an estimation between certain hours.

Mechanical failures may also lead to shipping delays. Despite regular inspections and daily maintenance, trucks can malfunction. Minor problems can be handled by a trucker independently if a time estimate is given.

Insure you are Insured

Liability insurance is a legal requirement for all car transport and logistics companies. However, the type of car you are shipping will determine the type of coverage required to ship the car, boat or RV. Insurance coverage also varies by company.

A thorough investigation of the insurance coverage of a company is essential. Be sure to compare the terms with those of other companies that you are considering. It is always a good idea to do your research, especially if you are transporting a luxury vehicle.

Requirements for Drivers

Drivers of trucks face many challenges on the job. In fact, trucking companies have had difficulty finding qualified talent in the last few years. The requirements of the job are high:

  • Physical health – As a driver, you must be able to focus and multitask. Being physically fit is essential for maintaining focus. Prior to obtaining a commercial driver’s license, truck drivers must pass what’s called a DOT medical exam.
  • Mental fitness – Drivers must also pass psychological tests to ensure that their mental well-being is suitable for this profession. They need patience and the ability to be alone for long periods of time since they are on the road for ten or more hours a day. To be effective at their job, truck drivers require a variety of qualities, including mental strength.
  • Mechanics skills – Physical and mental health are not the only necessities of truck drivers. Mechanical knowledge is also necessary so that they can fix minor problems on their own trucks. If something minor goes wrong while they’re traveling, they can’t go to their supervisor for assistance.

Choosing a Car Shipping Company

Do your research before choosing the right car shipping company. Car shipping companies are NOT created equal. In addition to insurance, you’ll also want to make sure that the company you hire is reputable and offers quality customer service.

It’s stressful to ship a car, especially when you’re entrusting someone else with a valuable item. Hence, communication is another important consideration when selecting a company. You should be able to ensure that your process is as stress-free as possible with the proper communication from your auto carrier, whether you’re a dealership waiting to ship the hottest new car or an average Joe moving from one state to another.