Car upgrade with linear actuators


Perhaps, you have never thought about it, but every time you use your car, you encounter linear actuators of different types and sizes. Just look around inside of your car and you will observe various switches which means that all of them work with the help of installed actuators. If you own an old-fashioned car, you definitely have vintage hand cranks that work mechanically, letting you exercise a bit in the process of closing and opening car windows.

The most vivid examples of actuator application in cars are your seat adjustments, motorized windows, locks of car doors, and even your starter motor; these are the cases where different actuators have been applied, and one of the most popular among them is a 12 volt linear actuator. Due to this simple device, you get the necessary motion automatically with no additional effort. Actuators of an electric type are considered the best option for precise and seamless movements.

You can find various linear actuators in both active and fixed load capacity indicators. Active load capacity is the amount of force applied in the process of the actuator’s activity when the latter is preferred for the motionless state of the device. Depending on the application environment and bearing load manufacturers produce currently different innovative solutions. The range of possible models is really amazing if compared with previous years when only industrial areas could benefit from such kind of facilitation.

How automotive industry has improved cars applying linear actuators

The use of these simple and at the same time powerful devices in the automotive area can provide you with an endless list of examples. It is commonly known that actuators have been utilized extensively in many other spheres, including computer science and engineering, food production, farm equipment manufacturing, etc. When it comes to some part or component motion, such as opening, closing, lifting, or lowering, it is all about the installation of linear actuators.

The sphere of car manufacturing has been actively using linear actuators for many years due to their technological features, easy control, and opportunity to convert any truck, RV vehicle, and traditional car into a powerful machine with a simple and comfortable control panel. To make a vehicle with a good style and a certain level of luxury, it is the task of actuators that they usually do perfectly.

Let’s analyze where linear actuators are applied inside of the car to observe the functionality they provide. The first and, for sure, vital component of any vehicle is its engine. And here actuators are of key importance as they influence the whole system of functioning. Generally, an actuator used for engine work fulfills the function of control. At the same time, the following helpful devices are essential for a motor’s idle control, operations connected with power take-off, including regulating air flaps rotation and the reduction of power consumption. One more paramount task for actuators on this part of the car is to control the supply of fresh airflow and help to recirculate emitted fuel gas, each of them is considered a pollutant of the air. Moreover, an actuator assists in cooling an engine so it can benefit from it greatly in this regard. As a result, the engine itself is an actuator with its major aim to convert the energy of fuel burning into the motion of the automobile.

Concerning the interior part of the car, there you can find many places where actuators have been successfully applied. It can perform the function of adjusting a passenger’s seat and a padded cushion, steering control creating convenient conditions for both driver and passengers. The same about the systems of air conditioning and heating, which totally depend on actuators and their functionality, providing the car occupants with absolute comfort and quick adjustability of the related inside systems. This is one of the reasons why technically-staffed cars with versatile comfort features are so expensive today. But at the same time, it is not a luxury, it is a necessity we are used to having.

Well, automation in different spheres of people’s life is one of the prevailing methods, giving the current fast-growing society versatile solutions and opportunities to experience new technological trends.  Live a comfortable life and do not limit yourself. Save your time and do not spend your energy and effort on what the technological solutions can do instead of you.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.



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