Car warranty for your brand-new Renault


When you drive out with your brand new Renualt for the first time you must be doing it with a lot of confidence that the brand gives you. This confidence has made you buy the car which you believe will perform to your complete satisfaction. As the car is new, you expect a lot from it. Your expectations are likely to be met as the manufacturer is reputed and tested. In order to give you the assurance of a trouble free ownership of the vehicle, the manufacturer has given a car warranty. The warranty is like a protective ring around the vehicle that takes complete care of the vehicle should anything go wrong. The car is virtually in the manufacturer’s custody during this time. And the care that is provided comes free of cost. All repairs and replacements covered by warranty are undertaken by the manufacturer without charging you.

Experiment and discover

Spending on a Renault is like a life time investment for many. The confidence that is generated by the warranty allows you to become more adventutristic with the car. You tend to experiment a lot with it, trying to discover the limits of its capabilities. You need not fear about breakdowns and defective parts as the warranty gives complete protection and support by the manufacturer. In the process, you can discover the car in a new way that would not have been possible had you been too restricted in its use. Your faith in the brand is likely to increase in the process.

Honeymoon period

The car warranty period is like the honey moon period when you dare to indulge in new ways of discovering the ultimate capabilities of the vehicle by pushing it to the limits. The more you discover more you love the machine as you can rely upon it without any hesitation.  You come to understand how well the car can perform to live up to its reputation. This is also the time when you realise how much you have benefited by going for the particular brand.  The period of car warranty is also the time to make a threadbare evaluation of the car and the kind of service support that you receive. All these build up your confidence in the brand.

Extended warranty

The experience of the statutory warranty might encourage you to enter into a contract for extended warranty with the manufacturer. Unlike the statutory warranty that allowed free service and parts you have to pay for the extended warranty. However, the same level of service and comfort that you enjoyed earlier is the minimum that you can expect during extended warranty.

Transferable warranty

Some manufacturers offer car warranty on a Renault that is transferable.  This means, that if the car changes ownership during the period of warranty, the benefits of the warranty are passed on to the new owner of the car. This facility enhances the sale value of the car.

How long you want to enjoy the facility of warranty is decided by your budget and the faith that you have in the brand.

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