Car Wash Vs Car Detailing – What’s the Difference?


While car washing may be convenient, detailing is a more thorough process. Detailing can remove dirt, stains, and other contaminants. It can also improve the color and shine of your car. While you can choose to detail your vehicle yourself, it is recommended to leave the job to the professionals. They have the expertise and high-grade products to get the best results.

Auto Detailing Vs. Car Washing

When you get a car wash, you can expect it to take 10 to 20 minutes to complete the process.. A car wash involves applying water and soap to the vehicle while detailing involves cleaning the interior and exterior of your car with specialized tools. A Toronto car detailing company can perform both services. Regardless of how you choose to get your car cleaned, it is important to follow up on regular maintenance so that your car can continue to look great.

Although there are some similarities between car washing and detailing, it is important to understand the differences. While car washing is an inexpensive way to get your vehicle cleaned, an auto detailer will be more thorough and have a deeper knowledge of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Not only will this make your car look brand new again, but it will also make it more desirable to potential buyers. Ultimately, both services can increase the value of your vehicle and make it more resellable.

Why Should You Have Your Car Detailed?

Keeping your vehicle in good shape is essential for preserving its value. While a car wash will not enhance the resale value of your car by much, auto detailing can make your vehicle look better and last longer. It can even increase the value of your car by as much as 15%. If you’re selling your vehicle, a professional car detail will help it fetch more money at the end of the day.

If you’d rather pay for a professional auto detail, you can do it yourself or use a mobile auto wash service. Unlike a standard car wash, auto detailing is a one-day process that takes a couple of hours. In addition to washing, auto detailers also apply a protective coating on the vehicle. The difference between car wash and auto detailing is in the amount of time and effort spent on cleaning.

While car washing and auto detailing are similar in their purpose, auto detailers focus on cleaning the entire vehicle, which includes a car’s tires, windows, and trim work. Auto detailers use various cleaning products and techniques to ensure the most comprehensive cleaning service.

In addition to cleaning the exterior of the car, auto detailing also addresses problems with the inside. In addition to removing dirt and grime, a professional will clean the interior as well as the rims and tires. During the process, a car detailer will also address odors and trouble spots. A thorough auto detailer will not only wash the inside of a vehicle, but will also make it look showroom-ready.


The difference between car washing and car detailing is the extent to which the exterior is cleaned. Compared to a car wash, a car detailing service focuses on the resale value and quality. The latter is often more costly than a car wash, but it will give you the best results for your money. The difference between a car wash and car detailing is mainly the time and money spent.

In short, car detailing is a more thorough cleaning of your vehicle. It aims to remove visible debris and make every crevice in your car spotless. It is more expensive than a car wash, but it does not only benefit your car. It will last longer, look nicer, and be more appealing to potential buyers. When used correctly, it will last for years.


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