Cars of The Future: The Top 5 Best Toyota Hybrids


No matter how much you love old-school gas-guzzlers, their time is simply coming to an end. Hybrid and electric cars are storming the market. Toyota is everyone’s first choice for hybrids. This is due to their reliability and easy availability of genuine parts. So, here are the top 5 best Toyota hybrids from their extensive lineup.

Why Should You Get a Hybrid?

Hybrid cars save you a lot of gas money and protect the environment more. These vehicles are preferred more than EVs due to electric charging being a newer concept. So not everyone is on board with plugging their car in for the night. Plus, charging stations aren’t available everywhere yet.

Toyota offers hybrid models on most of their already famous models. Some of them even have plug-in hybrid versions. These cars are some of the most environmentally friendly on the planet. They’re also cheap to maintain because you can find genuine Toyota parts easily.

The Top 5 Best Toyota Hybrids:

Here are Toyota’s finest hybrid vehicles:

1. Toyota Prius

You just cannot have a ‘best hybrid cars’ list without the vehicle that popularized the segment in the first place. The Toyota Prius is synonymous with the hybrid car and it continues to be a contender in the class. It may be outperformed in some areas, such as its driving style.

Still, the Prius comes with a lot of standard options and it has one of the best fuel economies in Toyota’s lineup. It also offers an AWD option, which does lower its mileage a bit.

It comes in two hybrid formats, one of which is a plug-in option. The fuel ratings across the lineup start from 50mpg and go all the way up to 58mpg. The plug-in hybrid does better here and it even features a solar panel roof to help you with the charging.

The Prius’s range and mileage could be better, when you compare it to the rest of its class. However, it is still one of Toyota’s best hybrid offerings.

2. Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

Starting off with the most popular crossover SUV today, the RAV4 tops the class as its best-selling vehicle. This is quite the feat considering how stacked the competition is. The RAV4’s current generation is a looker and it drives just as wonderfully.

You get a spacious car with a plenty of driver assistance and safety features. There is a hefty amount of infotainment available and the comfort is definitely there. But it gets even better if you have the hybrid.

The RAV4’s hybrid version is spectacular and it certainly increases your fuel savings. The EPA rates it at 38mpg city, 41mpg highway and 40mpg combined. The RAV4 is also available in a plug-in hybrid format, known as the RAV4 Prime.

Toyota offers other hybrid SUVs such as the Highlander and the CH-R. But none of them offer you as much as the RAV4 does.

3. Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The Toyota corolla is the go-to car for practicality. It has carried this honor for decades now and it has no plans on stopping. It is one of the best-selling cars today and the overall best seller of all time.

It is a compact car that can seat up to 5 passengers comfortably. There are other versions available such as the hatchback and the touring model.

The Corolla is well-priced, roomy in the back, and its build quality will last you a lifetime. It comes with a small engine and is very fuel efficient. It is also equipped well no matter the trim you get. The Corolla is also easy on the eyes.

The hybrid corolla takes the fuel efficiency up a notch and the EPA rates it at 53mpg city and 52 mpg highway. It is also available in a hatchback variant but even the saloon will work for you because of how functional it is.

4. Toyota Yaris Hybrid

The Yaris line is one of the leaders in the small hatchback categories. The Yaris offers it all from the tiny budget friendly compact car to the fiery performance-based Yaris GR. There’s no surprise that it won the Car of The Year award for 2021 in Europe.

Even the most basic Yaris will cover you for fuel economy, safety features and fun in the corners. Maybe the boot space is a bit compromised but the car does cover most other ends.

The hybrid Yaris sets out to increase its miles per gallon even further. It can give you anywhere between 57 to 68mpg depending on the road and traffic. The Yaris hybrid puts a new level of excitement in the average hybrid car.

5. Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry is certainly one of the most popular cars in Toyota’s lineup. This is because it is the fine line between the entry-level saloon, the Corolla, and the high-end luxury sedan, the Avalon. It proudly features the best of both those great cars.

The Camry is larger and more spacious than the Corolla. It is also easier on your pockets than the Avalon. It is great to drive and features a wide spectrum of gadgets. The only flaw might be its looks but that part is subjective.

You can also get the Camry with a hybrid powertrain. This should pump up the standard car’s fuel economy figures to 51mpg city and 53mpg highway. This is around the Prius mark but it is great since the car is heavier and more powerful.



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