What Are The Rules And Procedures For Online Cockfighting?

online game

Cockfighting is one of the online sports which is treasured by online gamers. If you are one of them, why not log on at s128, and create an account for yourself? The game between the Gamecock and the roasters are very exciting.  With the rise in the demand for the sport across … Read more

68 Plates – What are They?

68 Plates – What are They

If you’re someone that likes cars but isn’t quite sure about how the whole automotive industry works, you’ve probably heard some talk recently about the new ‘68’ private number plates. Just one of many things happening in the UK motor industry of late, these sprung up in the UK in September last … Read more

Ball bearing uses and applications

Ball bearing uses and applications

The wheels of a bicycle or vehicle run freely since they are detached from the axle of the wheel by a ring containing ball-bearings. Needless to say, the wheel turns easily for the reason that the ball-bearings fit precisely between the axle and hub of the wheel with no space to move … Read more

7 Car Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Car

7 Car Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Car

As much as you look after your kids and pets, you have to pay equal attention to your car as well to ensure a smooth driving experience for months or even years to come. While buying a vehicle, you get a manufacturer’s manual that states all the car maintenance requirements that you … Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Vehicle on Top

6 Tips For Keeping Your Vehicle On Top

Isn’t it exhilarating to hear appreciative comments for your car from people around you? Obviously, it is! For that, you don’t necessarily need to buy a sports car or a luxury vehicle which is trending in the market. When it comes to the world of cars, all that matters is how well … Read more

Driving Blind: How to Avoid Blind-Spot Collisions

Driving Blind How to Avoid Blind Spot Collisions

Every time you drive your car onto the road, you are exposing yourself to the risk of an accident happening. With a diversity of drivers using the road, there is no telling whether the driver in front of you is cautious enough. One issue that has led to an increase in road … Read more

Learning to Drive: 7 Ways to Keep Costs Down

7 Ways to Keep Costs Down

Getting a driver’s license for the very first time can be expensive. Not only will it cost you a pretty penny for driving instructions, but you’ll have to also pay to take the test, you’ll need to put gas in your car, pay for insurance, make car payments, and hopefully your parking … Read more

Why is Automated Transportation The Future Now?

Why is Automated Transportation The Future Now

We are living in a world where you get to try out new things every day. The rise of technology is becoming an integral part of our lives. The Artificial Intelligence industry is poised to change the world, and it has already begun. You have cars which can park themselves, robots which … Read more

Understanding a New Car Window Sticker

Understanding a New Car Window Sticker

Aside from checking the price of the car, new car shoppers also look at the car’s window sticker. Because this sticker is more than just a sticker, it also holds other information about the car that can be useful to buyers. Every vehicle that comes from the dealership has that sticker, but … Read more

Car-Buying Tips Every First-Time Parent Should Know

Car Buying Tips Every First Time Parent Should Know

Having an additional family member means a lot of changes. In the transportation department, this means purchasing a new car that will fit the baby and all the baby gear. Before heading out to the showroom and getting the first car offered by an eager sales associate, arm yourself with the following … Read more

Your College Experiences Checklist

Your College Experiences Checklist

Summary The article focuses on important aspects of college life that define the experience of all students. It is like a rear-view by students on what works and what does not. With the tips provided, your college life will be memorable and also have an incredibly positive impact on the life of … Read more