How Frequently Should You Change Engine Oil?

How Frequently Should You Change Engine Oil

You need to replace the car oil at regular intervals to keep it running efficiently. In addition to filling up the petrol tank, drivers must frequently change the oil in their cars. Since most of us have been driving less over the previous two years, many of us may not have had … Read more

What are All-Season Tires?

What are All-Season Tires

Tires are arguably some of the most important parts that your car needs to have. Without a proper set of tires, your vehicle is basically useless since it won’t move smoothly on the road. There are more than 20 different models and brands of tires to choose from, and while looking for … Read more

Dangers of Using Old Tires for Your Car

old and deteriorating tire

The tires of your car are some of the most important parts that you would need to inspect and maintain regularly. Because they are the parts that come into contact with the surface the most, tires are usually prone to damages, especially when you are driving off-road or in rough terrains and … Read more

How to Know When Your Tires Need Replacing

changing a flat tire

The tires of the car, which is the rubber part of the wheels that serve as their exterior, are arguably the ones that withstand the harshest condition out of all the parts of the car. The tires are responsible for keeping the vehicle rolling on the road while also absorbing a lot … Read more

Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Spark Plugs

spark plug for cars

There are many important parts that are found in vehicles, but none is as important as the spark plug, which is the one responsible for activating the vehicle so that it can start and do its intended purpose: for transporting you from one place to another.  Without a spark plug, the vehicle … Read more

What are Wheel Bearings and How Long Do They Last?

wheel bearings for cars

The car is made up of multiple complex parts that are both large and small. The smallest parts of the car are usually some of the most important ones, as they are responsible for connecting several larger parts together or for providing power for the vehicle in order for it to function … Read more

How to Make the Most of Your Car Tires?

The tires are the most beat-up parts of the vehicle, as they often get damaged faster and easier due to many circumstances. One of those circumstances is that they are always in contact with the surface, which can be rough, uneven, or rocky, so avoiding damages to the tires can be quite … Read more

Choose the Best Tires for Your Car

tire tread pattern

Car tires are fairly easy to buy, as there are thousands of different brands and models of tires for you to choose from in just one auto parts store. However, choosing the best and most suitable tires for your car is challenging, as you would need to know the intricacies of your … Read more

The Benefits of Upgrading Your Car Suspension

car suspension system

A car consists of complex parts that are mostly durable and reliable. However, there are instances where you will need to upgrade some of those parts, especially if they are broken or don’t work the same anymore. One of the most vital car parts that often need upgrades is the suspension, which … Read more

What Happens When You Don’t Wash Your Car

Toyota Rav4 covered in mud

Washing your car on regular basis does not only help in keeping the aesthetics of the car but also to maintain the value of the car. Average people don’t bother to take care of their car, especially washing their car. If you don’t wash your car on regular basis, then you are … Read more

What Happens If You Ignore Your Bad Brakes

Worried woman sitting near broken car at the roadside

Some tend to keep their heads buried in the sand. This philosophy is not good when you own a vehicle. Some people tend to avoid the noises or faults in their cars and get it fixed or replaced when it is broken. In the braking case, you cannot procrastinate to get them … Read more