A Complete Guide on How to Change Your Car Oil

Adding motor oil into the car’s engine

It is fun to do your own chores, and changing your car’s engine oil is no exception. Unless your car’s oil drain plug is impossible to reach, you should save money by changing your oil in the comfort of your own home. It isn’t difficult – once you know the right steps … Read more

Tips for Sanitizing Your Car

a person cleaning the car from inside

Cars are one of the most used machines of all time. People spend a good amount of time in their vehicles, driving from their homes to offices and other places. From using it to travel to using it as a home, cars have proven to be very versatile.  But they can be … Read more

Guide to Seat Organizers for Cars

Car seat organizer with tablet pocket

For most people, a car is their second home. So, it’s important for them to have it always looking squeaky clean from both inside and out. As for the inside, if you don’t think your car provides ample storage space to keep all your stuff and the stuff of your kids and … Read more

The Guide to Car Batteries

Car batteries are designed to last for 3-4 years. However, the lifespan of a battery is majorly dependent on how it is used and taken care of. If maintained properly, a battery could even last for up to 7 years. A weak battery could pose a lot of problems and you would … Read more

10 Essential Tools That Every Home Car Mechanic Needs

: random tools in the workshop

When you do your own car repairs, it saves you from spending a lot of money and it can also make you proud that you’re able to fix your car by yourself. It is also cool because you’re able to set up your vehicle by simply buying the best car accessories you … Read more

Should You Have Full Coverage on an Older Car?

car toyota old retro automobile

There are lots of insurance coverage available for cars. Car insurance is important because it will save you major expenses from car repairs or some other outside factor that causes damage to your car. One of the most important car insurance is liability insurance. In fact, if you do not have that … Read more

The Pros and Cons of Leather Seats

The Pros and Cons of Leather Seats

When purchasing a vehicle, it involves finding one that has everything you want and need, including even the simplest of features. It does not matter whether you are buying a brand new or pre-owned car because there are really lots of decisions to make during the vehicle buying process. One of those … Read more

Part Catalog’s Black Friday Deals

This Black Friday, we partnered with PartCatalog in bringing the best Holiday deals for you. For the past eight years, PartCatalog.com has always been committed to providing quality parts and top notch service. They don’t just scour for car and truck accessories, but they also go the extra mile to ensure that … Read more

Tips for Maintaining Leather in Your Car

Maintaining Leather

Having leather car seats adds value and comfort to your car. They may cost more than the typical car seats that’s why it should be properly maintained all the time. The leather is a natural material that’s why it is more prone to fading, cracking, and losing its essential oils especially if … Read more

Easy DIY Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle

Car Maintenance Tips You Can Handle

Nowadays, it is not unusual for car owners to do their own maintenance. Daunting as it may seem, the benefits outweigh the risks for it helps you save time and money. Moreover, it does not require textbook knowledge to perfect it. Here are easy DIY car maintenance tips you can handle: Car … Read more

Guide to Car Cleaning Kits

Meguiars G55032SP Complete Car Care Kit

A majority of people spend their time in and out of their car for a couple times a day. All that use can make your car acquire road dirt outside and collected trash inside. Maintaining our cars cleanliness allows us to have a pleasant travel environment, keeps our car looking great and … Read more

Car Theft: What You Need to Know and How to Prevent It

Car Theft: What You Need to Know and How to Prevent It

You worked hard to own a car and of course, you won’t like it if someone would just steal it away. You need to protect your auto the right way to prevent potential theft. The FBI Uniform Crime Report for 2015 stated that there was a 1% rise in car theft all … Read more

Car Care Tips

Car Care Tips

  To maintain a vehicle’s good condition, you need to exert effort in regular maintenance. Even if you have the most efficient car in the world, you still need to take care of it so that it may serve you really well for many years to come. Car manufacturers, trusted technical experts, experts, … Read more