Legendary Drivers in Midget Car Racing History

a midget car racing event

In the world of motorsport, few categories are as thrilling and unique as midget car racing. Despite the small size of the vehicles, the sport has produced some of the most skilled and daring drivers in racing history. These racers, often overlooked in mainstream media, have shown extraordinary talent, bravery, and a … Read more

The Most Iconic Racing Tracks Around the World

Racing tracks are not just stretches of tarmac – they are the arenas where history is made, where legends are born, and where the limits of human endurance are tested. For fans of car racing, these tracks are hallowed ground, each with its own story, its own quirks, and its own place … Read more

The Greatest Rivalries in Formula One History

Since the first world championship in 1950, Formula One has had its fair share of dramatic and iconic driver rivalries. Some are fairly fought, while others are filled with controversy. Some are brief, while others are almost as long as their careers. The ferocity of these fights sometimes becomes a bigger talking … Read more

Introduction to Hillclimbing Racing 

Hillclimbing racing may not be as well-known as races like Formula One, but it’s equally intense and thrilling motorsport, offering a unique blend of adrenaline and skill, unlike any other racing discipline. This sport is not just about speed; it’s a test of precision, power, and patience, challenging drivers to conquer steep … Read more

What You Need to Know About Truck Racing 

The world of motorsports is vast and full of variety, ranging from the elite Formula 1 races to the rugged world of rally driving. But there’s one corner of this world that often doesn’t get the spotlight it deserves: truck racing. This sport combines the power and might of heavy trucks with … Read more

History of Automobile Racing 

Ever since fuel-powered internal combustion engines were invented for cars, it didn’t take long for people to start organizing the first car races. The need to see which car was the fastest was real and racers wanted the bragging rights of being the fastest racer or owning the fastest car. In this … Read more

What You Need to Know About Kart Racing

Kart racing, also known as karting, is a thrilling motorsport where drivers zoom around in small, open, four-wheeled vehicles called karts or go-karts. Not only is karting a fun recreational activity, but it’s also a competitive sport that many enjoy before advancing to higher levels of motorsports. This exciting sport, which started … Read more

Introduction to Open Wheel Racing

The pinnacle of four-wheeled motorsport, open-wheel racing or formula racing, is one of the most exciting genre of racing. Combining speed, precision and exhilaration, this type of racing continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Only the most skilled drivers in the world compete at this level. In this post, explore the origins, the … Read more

What You Need to Know About Endurance Racing

A true test of speed, strategy, and stamina, endurance racing is a motorsport like no other. Unlike traditional racing, which focuses primarily on speed over short distances, endurance racing pushes the limits over extended periods, often ranging from several hours to 24 hours or more. The goal is not just to be … Read more

What You Need to Know About Dirt Track Racing

Dirt track racing is a popular sport worldwide, loved by both drivers and spectators. This thrilling auto sport takes place on dirt. This type of racing is not just about speed – racing cars need to be tough and quick, and drivers often customize them to boost their chances of winning. New … Read more

What You Need to Know About Ice Racing

Ice racing is exactly what it sounds like – racing on ice! But it’s a bit different in the sense that it’s not just for cars. This cool motorsport includes motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, and more, racing around oval tracks. Motorcycles are especially popular in ice racing. While not a professional motorsport in … Read more

Introduction to Midget Car Racing

Exciting, nimble, and a bit risky – that’s the essence of midget car racing. Midget cars, closely related to sprint cars, have been a beloved fixture on dirt tracks nationwide for ages. Yet, despite their rich history, these compact powerhouses remain a mystery to many. So, what exactly is a midget car, … Read more

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