Cheapest Way to Rent a Car for a Road Trip


You might have planned a long trip this summer with your friends and family. No matter how much money you have saved for the tour, you will always love to save some extra to do you petty shopping or extra fun! In that case, you might want to learn about cheapest way to rent a car for a road trip this year!

We have some up with some tips that can help you reduce the car renting cost and save your wallet. Follow these and you will save a lot more than you think!

Check out the easy tricks and thank us later, my friend!

Tips to go Cheap while Renting a Car

1. Rent Away from Airport

One of the top mistakes we do when it comes to renting a car is renting it from the airport. Yes, if you are inside a new city and you don’t know the place properly, the airport cars might help you to the best. As there are airport surcharges, you surely will need to pay a lot more than usual!

So, in short, the renting amount is higher at the airport. You can easily reduce the price to 10% or more if you rent from outside. Beforehand, go through the rental locations of the area and compare the price. Keep a balance between your comfort and your wallet, that’s wall we want to tell you!

2. Economy Cars for Economy Travel

As the name suggest, these cars are pretty affordable if you compare them to the regular cars. If you want an upgrade to save your money, economy cars are highly economic. In that case, you must keep in mind that these cars are smaller in side.

There is a chance that you get a car that is too small for the members of your family or friends you are traveling with! It is a good idea to learn about the seats before so that it is easy for you to decide which car you are settling for.

Also, keep the luggage in your mind. Keep some spare area for them while counting the seats! Before you book for the car, you must check the required age for car rent in traveling in the specific area so that you do not get into any legal issues.

3. One City One Driver

Yes, different drivers can cost you extra! Mostly, the companies for rental car will add a specific amount of daily fee for a new driver every day you travel. For per person, it will cost more $12 or more than this. Why do you want to pay extra when you can adjust in less?

If you stick to one driver every day, you can lessen the amount of cost you are expensing. There are also rental car companies that will provide you renounce their regular fees for the domestic partners or for the spouse.

Check the driver’s license and make sure that you two have the identical address for your homes! Some of these companies are also fine with reducing the amount for the partners and family members (immediate) too! But for this, you might need to go through their membership program and register.

4. But First, Research

To learn about the cheapest way to rent a car for a road trip is to know the details about the companies before. The best part about the car rental companies is they all have sites now. It is easy for you to go to their sites and check the services and costs.

In some cases, they have new discounts and extra methods of cutting down the cost that you are planning to bear. Check the sites thoroughly and search for the best deal. If there is the option for PAY NOW, you might get some extra benefits or some discounts. However, always remember than most of the payments you do in advance are nonrefundable.

So, there is no chance of getting the money back! Before you opt for booking, make sure you actually want that. But not all the companies have this nonrefundable rule. In that case, even after you pay the advance, don’t stop from looking for new car rental companies. You can get a better deal anytime, you never know!

5. Show your Insurance

If you have a car, you have a blessing-they say! This is not only true when you are traveling with the car but it also works when you rent a car! Yes, the primary insurance you have for your car will also cover while renting a car during traveling.

If the driving record you have in your past is clean, car renting will be easy and cheap! Some of the credit cards available have the insurance coverage too. And this will reduce the amount of rent too!

Wrap Up

Now more than ever, this summer, you need a car to have a road trip! And for you, the best way to enjoy something extra in this trip, you got to save money. So why not saving money by cutting down the car rent?

Go through the tips and tricks that can save a good deal of money and help you have a trip without any financial pressure! And yes, don’t forget to learn about the car rent before you start the tour!

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